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Today, I was at the dentist. I ended up having some work done and left with a numb mouth. I have school pictures in less than 2 hours and I can neither smile nor stop drooling everywhere. FML
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Here ladies and gentleman is what happens when someone gets an ****** from achieving the first comment.

Oh, great. Now I'm too uncomfortable to give him either kind of thumb.


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Here ladies and gentleman is what happens when someone gets an ****** from achieving the first comment.

Oh, great. Now I'm too uncomfortable to give him either kind of thumb.

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Or a spontaneous ****** during anesthesia.

So does #13 have the second comment jitters?

op deserves it for scheduling a dental appointment on picture day.

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Every look looks like you ride the short bus to school when you're drooling.

Ayeasha 7

@2 Every time I take a glance at your picture from the corner of my eyes it looks like a beagle dog.

JocelynKaulitz 28

46, really? I think it looks like a tiger, but I have a big imagination.

What!? I thought #2 was a toboggan tearing through snow. Oh the deception!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

your pic looks like a pile of poop in grass.

Ayeasha 7

@59 Like I said I only glance at his picture and never really stared at it so yes it does look like a beagle dog if you glance at it and don't know that it's a tiger running through the snow

See if they can do an ocean background so it looks like the drooling is on purpose !

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If they had a picture of a big juicy steak or of a giant cupcake then maybe, just maybe, OP wouldn't look dumb for drooling all over the place. But I really don't see how an ocean would make someone drool all over themselves..

kinda realized it didn't sound as clever after I hit validate..

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If you don't have anything clever to post, don't click "Validate!"

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#34- Do you know how many of your damn stupid ass comments I've read?

#34 , did you know that those scratch and sniff cards smell better under water? try it sometime.

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Interesting how both of you are new to FML and brag about everything you've read in such short time.

I tend to skip past the dumb comments and down voted ones, but I have seen a lot of yours. Feel free to call me new ;)

#100 I'm with you. I don't think there is any possible way that people can read FML and comments unless they have an account. They must be lying noobs. How dare they. Report them to the staff and get them banned.

#100 , who's bragging ? I've only seen the complaints about the stupid comments.

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100- sorry man, I kinda agree with them.

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39 I have, too, and I really think he should just give up commenting. I don't think he's ever had a GOOD comment.

But the funny yearbook pictures are the best!


Yeah!! And besides, in the long run you're gonna have a killer smile OP !! c:

inkdeath87 18

They're the best when it's someone else and you can laugh about it,

Aww poor OP ): but I know it won't be noticeable! That's how I felt after getting braces and it went away pretty quickly (:

Try drinking something warm, OP. that helped me get rid of the numbness faster when I got my teeth done etc it may help you as well. Just be careful of drinking something too hot so you don't end up burning your mouth.

It shouldn't be too bad by the time the picture is taken, anyway. Dental anesthetics don't usually last more than a couple hours.

You gotta make school memories some how! Why not funny pictures?

They offer photoshop for students wanting to pay extra at my kids old school, to erase zits and other stuff, its available now -_-

It included scar erasing and wayward hair fixing, discoloration/pigment issues etc, I was shocked but not really

You'll fit right in if you're in the special class

Which special class? Telekinesis, levitation, morphing, invisibility, etc...?

Word on the street is that on picture day the invisibility class was nowhere to be seen

AnOriginalName 19

I don't think the invisibility class was ever around to be seen.

davidisbeast 12

I'm sure they were in the girls locker room though...