By sonofanut - 22/02/2012 03:14 - United States

Today, I found out my mom has been stealing from me to pay for Scientology courses. FML
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Calling it a religion is a bit of a stretch.

Just a role model parent right their


Just a role model parent right their

look at the bright side u get to meet Tom cruise and ur mother I'd saved wen they're gods descend

They're their there, it'll be okay. Maybe Xenu will spare you as well, if only you dedicate yourself fully to learning how to spell.

Back in the cage, KaySL! Back!

I like the episode of The Simpsons when Homer converts the family to that cult. In the end they were saved by beer AND HOVERBIKES

Look on the bright side op. Your mum will be able to speak to animals soon, maybe even command them !

Well said, role model hobo.

If OP has that much money, I suggest he moves the fuck out.

Religiontology is where it's at

You have to drink acid and heroin for breakfast and shit money to join that religion.

Sit her down and make her watch the scientology episode of south park asap.

Uhh... Why would you steal for a religion?

Calling it a religion is a bit of a stretch.

It's as ridiculous as every other religion. It's just more recent so most people realize it's a scam. In 2000 years, it will seem just as legitimate as Christianity

Im an atheist so i just kinda count it into the mass amounts of religions that /usually/ are the same (no offense to religious people) But the scientologists worship or fear a greater force and have their own theory of the world, and they kind of consider it a religion ._.

The courts have ruled atheism is a religion.

I'm fairly certain you're mistaken.

To impress Tom Cruise!!

@19 atheism is the absence of religion

Uh, not all religions are 'the same'. Try educating yourself.

I think he means they are all the same as in structure. Like the way the all believe in some higher power, they worship and pray, they have their own ceremonies and special symbols.

all religions have an upper power (or multiple) a prophet who spoke with said upper power and passes on lessons and numerous other similarities

It's not a religion, it's a pyramid scheme.

If you're interested, I just finished an excellent book, you should check it out on amazon! (The Complex: An Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology)

^^ Isn't that the same thing as " long term side effects of LSD "?

42- atheism is the disbelief in a god, agnostic is the absence of a religion

it is not the same as other religions. I could ask a Rabbi, Priest, Pastor, Imam, or =POPE=, about their religion and they will tell me all about it (assuming i am not intruding on their family dinnertime or something uncouth, and even then many would) if i were to go to a scientology center they would wait until my check clears

94, Atheism is the lack of belief in god(s). Agnosticism is the lack of knowledge. Neither are the absence of religion. Some Buddhists are atheists and are religious.

So true, a religion is just a large more recognized cult

Atheism is the disbelief in religion and god as a whole, or its when oneself questions the existance of god...pretty simple to grasp

Guys, I'm an atheist and this is getting annoying. I don't believe in god or religion because I recognize it for the scam it really is. Once again, atheist don't believe that there is a god.

If it's cool enough for Will Smith, it's cool enough for your mom. Although I highly disagree with their religion.

Be careful with your comments 3 the scientologists might just sue you!

I think Scientologists are trying to breed super children, Suri Cruise, Willow/Jada Smith.. That's all I've got there..

Is stealing part of Scientology? If so, she has a good head start.

Sort of-Scientology steals from its followers by deception.

Xenu is pleased.

I think Xenu is supposed to be the enemy of Scientology...

Yeah Xenu is the one who brought millions of aliens to earth 75 trillion years ago, dumped them in earth's volcanoes and vaporized them with hydrogen bombs. The souls of these poor, decrepit, alien creatures continue to enter our bodies implanting false ideas about psychiatry, other religions, etc. And life is all about purging yourself of these. So says L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Somehow this makes about as much sense as other religions.

81, you're an asshole. At least try to respect others' opinions. I mean, I try to with all religions, but I still have difficulty with scientology. After all, it was invented by Ron Hubbard, a science fiction author

You really believe that about Scientology? That's frikkin hilarious. I'm not sure I want to know where you read (or most likely heard) that information. That's almost as silly as saying God originally made us in the shape of pickles! That's just completely absurd! Hahaha.

She probably thinks you owe her for raising you. Hide your money.

Thats really stupid.

Some people really shouldn't breed...

I agree. There should be a test you have to pass in order to procreate.

Sometimes I think that the human gene pool could really use a few lifegaurds. This is one of those times.

or some bleach

Just some people's chil.... Parents.....

#8-I find that statement hilarious given your avatar.

I thought people were kidding about how ridiculous Scientology is.

I was thinking the same thing.

Those body thetans would disagree

That's about as dumb as donating money to church

You're the one that when they come around to collect donations with the long basket, you pick from it instead, right?

Oh shit you mean that wasn't free money they were handing out! Well fuuuck. :/

I don't get it. Then again, I'm a frickin' "maggot".

I feel the presence of a mod.

wat the heck? I never put "then again im a frickin maggot!" I'm scared..

Do not question the almighty mods.