By Anonymous - 16/12/2010 17:07 - South Africa

Today, I got a ride in a friend's car. As I sat down, her younger brother started laughing hysterically from the backseat. In between giggles, he admitted he peed there a few minutes ago. FML
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Exactly how much younger was this brother? :|

Well, one does not have to be Indiana Jones to enjoy the pleasure of a golden shower.


Exactly how much younger was this brother? :|

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if he's old enough to tell op, he's old enough to know better. I'd Rip him a new one if my little brother was urinating in my car... sheesh (good thing I don't have a little brother.) OP's friend must not have been there or the fml would read, "My little brother pissed in my car, and I got sent to prison for manslaughter... My appeal was revoked, and now I'm serving a life sentence..." or something like that...

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Well, one does not have to be Indiana Jones to enjoy the pleasure of a golden shower.

I know lol pee. Urine, composition of urea/uric acid wastes, salts and stuff. Makes me giggle.

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He's like your own personal little seat warmer.

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It's better to be pissed off than pissed on. But it's worse to be both.

Some people enjoy the latter, hell I pay extra fir it every Saturday!

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Maybe you can skip a few Saturdays and save up for a Cleveland Steamer, y'know, shake up the routine.

Or maybe even a Dirty Sanchez? I hear they are really popular this time of year..

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I didn't know what a Dirty Sanchez was until I saw this comment and looked it up.. I didn't know what the other thing was either.. My boyfriend had to tell me.. :(

And yet your friend didn't warn you or you must not have noticed how upset she was. Or she has a great sense of humor if he's able to laugh at you and not cowering in fear of his sister cause I'd bring on the woop @$$ to mine if he did that.

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"I'd bring on the woop at money money to mine if he did that." That doesn't make sense.

Trying not to curse thanks -_- lol I'll use stars next time. Happy? :P Wait, don't answer that because I know you'll just troll it up. xD

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If you used stars, it would've said, "I'd bring on the woop star star star to mine if he did that." And then I would've said that that doesn't makes sense either. So either way, it won't make sense.

dumbass she's not saying at star star. she's saying ass without putting a-s-s. grow up people.

Rofl, it's ok. Kay is adorable anyway with his humor.

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You should poo on the seat and show him who's boss.