By Anonymous - 16/12/2010 17:07 - South Africa

Today, I got a ride in a friend's car. As I sat down, her younger brother started laughing hysterically from the backseat. In between giggles, he admitted he peed there a few minutes ago. FML
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Exactly how much younger was this brother? :|

Well, one does not have to be Indiana Jones to enjoy the pleasure of a golden shower.


Exactly how much younger was this brother? :|

Ali_Br_fml 33

if he's old enough to tell op, he's old enough to know better. I'd Rip him a new one if my little brother was urinating in my car... sheesh (good thing I don't have a little brother.) OP's friend must not have been there or the fml would read, "My little brother pissed in my car, and I got sent to prison for manslaughter... My appeal was revoked, and now I'm serving a life sentence..." or something like that...

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thats a little harsh.

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Rub his face in it

Shouldn't you feel it...?

Well, one does not have to be Indiana Jones to enjoy the pleasure of a golden shower.

zp5 4

Lol. You sat in pee.

I know lol pee. Urine, composition of urea/uric acid wastes, salts and stuff. Makes me giggle.

Ismellwin 0

He's like your own personal little seat warmer.

That must stink.

perdix 29

It's better to be pissed off than pissed on. But it's worse to be both.

Some people enjoy the latter, hell I pay extra fir it every Saturday!

perdix 29

Maybe you can skip a few Saturdays and save up for a Cleveland Steamer, y'know, shake up the routine.

Or maybe even a Dirty Sanchez? I hear they are really popular this time of year..

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I didn't know what a Dirty Sanchez was until I saw this comment and looked it up.. I didn't know what the other thing was either.. My boyfriend had to tell me.. :(

And yet your friend didn't warn you or you must not have noticed how upset she was. Or she has a great sense of humor if he's able to laugh at you and not cowering in fear of his sister cause I'd bring on the woop @$$ to mine if he did that.

zp5 4

"I'd bring on the woop at money money to mine if he did that." That doesn't make sense.

Trying not to curse thanks -_- lol I'll use stars next time. Happy? :P Wait, don't answer that because I know you'll just troll it up. xD

zp5 4

If you used stars, it would've said, "I'd bring on the woop star star star to mine if he did that." And then I would've said that that doesn't makes sense either. So either way, it won't make sense.

dumbass she's not saying at star star. she's saying ass without putting a-s-s. grow up people.

Rofl, it's ok. Kay is adorable anyway with his humor.

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Awwh thats horrible

Ninjafriends 1

You should poo on the seat and show him who's boss.