By porkythighs - Singapore
Today, I was driving in the car with my boyfriend and he couldn't keep his hands off me. Nothing to complain about when your boyfriend likes to touch you, right? Except when he keeps smacking your jiggly thighs to watch the ripples and 'tenderize the pork chops'. FML
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  Lesbier  |  0

really you're just an ass. and probably american.
She ought to tell him to stop, it's disrespectful to her. He does not like it then he should leave or tell her that he doesn't like it.

  nomadxx7  |  0

most of the world hates our government. the middle class is usually not super trollish. I know a lot of good Americans. Problem is that our government and people from the Jersey Shore show makes it look like all Americans are either idiots or douchebags.

  Cupffin  |  0

If you live in America, you're American. But as for your heritage/ethnicity or whatever, you look Asian.

Fuck if we're hated so much why does everyone immigrant here...I wonder...

And OP, be happy. He actually likes your, by what you say, fat thighs.

  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

I just find it odd (?) that while everyone was talking about American's I thought to myself how it seems like every country has another country they like to make fun of or put down. And it passed my mind that I hear a lot of Americans dissing on the French, and then you just happen to be French. I doubt odd is the right word, but it was just a strange coincidence I guess...

  NataleeC  |  0

@ Cuffpin: wait what?? erm. . .*taps shoulder*. . . .I'm Jamaican and living in America, still doesn't change the fact that I'm Jamaican. . . .just wanted to get that straight with you

and by the way its migrate, not immigrant. . .

  gapeach0530  |  0

dude, many skinny people have fat on their thighs. you cant have NO fat on your body, especially if youre a girl. if you didnt then you wouldnt have tits. just bc u've never gotten laid shows wht a douche u rlly r. (:

  MiaKong  |  0

So her being over weight means he is going to leave her? Wow that must be some true love there. "If your fat ass doesn't lose weight I will find someone better." If he's with her he obviously doesn't have a huge problem with it.

By  GeorgeBoosh  |  0

yum, thighs. Nice juicy, tender thighs, basted and deep fried with 11 secret herbs and spices… Lose weight girl, or tone up. An exercise program on a thigh master, or ping pong balls, and he'll move on to other body parts.