By emirie - 14/11/2013 21:33 - Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg

Today, I let my sister hold my newborn daughter for the first time. I heard her mutter under her breath, "I could kill you so easily..." FML
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So just to clear things up, my sister isn't super crazy, although I was naturally alarmed. She's a little weird and creepy, and has no filter. Also, this happened a while ago (I had to say today, obviously), it just popped in my head the other day when the same sister told me she's pregnant. She has babysat, and has a step son as well.


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In Russia it's always a red flag

michaelaranda 28

no it isn't. I say it all the time to my cousins kid without meaning anything. and I've heard my cousin say that too.

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No, I'm pretty sure that's not a normal thing to say, even if it is meant jokingly. "I could kill you right now, hahaha" just never has a good ring to it.

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Do you guys know how easy it would be to kill a newborn though? Drop them and splat, just saying. Regardless, I would keep an eye out on your sister. I don't understand why she would say that out loud.

#29 better out loud so OP can keep an eye on her.

It really is. That's a creepy thing to say to a child. If I were your cousin, I'd never let you near my child.

I don't voice it, but I always think it when I hold new babies. It's not that I want to kill the baby, it's that I am amazed at how incredibly tiny and fragile they are. I just think, “This little person grew inside that person. It was squeezed out through a tiny hole. It just got shots and passed around the room like a bottle of tequila. It's a fricking trooper. After all it's been through before it even lived its first day, it could die frighteningly easily and I am holding it."

I think the comments in this fml have taught me everyone is secretly a murderer, but just to afraid to go through with it. I don't even think I could trust myself anymore.

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it all depends on the family and individual. I know plenty of people who have said that to where the parents could hear to purposely freak them out. its funny lol (only when you know the parents really well, otherwise its creepy).

So many things wrong with joking about death. Especially with a baby.

Maaaaaayybe you should take the baby back

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Maybe!? If I was OP I would immediately grab the newborn back while letting out a battle cry, signaling your readiness to defend your child. But that's just me, because I'm a weirdo like that.

thats when you whisper the same thing to your sister while shes asleep

Why? So she could give the baby to her as a gift? Or what? "Here's that sacrifice you asked for, Jill."

Obviously no one understands what the Op is trying to say, usually families get together for x-mas for an extended period of time. Thus being around that phsyco for that much time will keep Op on her toes the whole time.

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I wouldn't let her hold your child... Just sayin

STFU lol well just chalk that one up under bad life decisions

she was speaking she can't blame autocorrect for that one

Well, she muttered it. Now that I see OP's response, nevermind

Alla vajers!!!! Betta hide yo kids from her! Hopefully she was kidding!

I think she was just trying to get out of babysitting in the future.