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By Joe - 03/04/2011 07:33 - Australia

Today, I went with my beautiful fiancée to tell her grandmother, who's a bit senile, that we got engaged. Her response, "I know he's very nice, but think about the chubby little ugly children he'll give you." This was followed by a recollection of her ex-boyfriends who would've fathered attractive kids. FML
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Don't worry about it. At least you got you the girl.

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Dude, you're ugly but you're getting married to a beautiful woman. Be happy.


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nah she won't be in the picture forever

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16 Stop being a depressed narutard and stop writing the same comment.

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skinny babies are unhealthy they need brown fat to stay warm and stuff.

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Please can we banninate the true pain guy? Please?

Don't worry about it. At least you got you the girl.

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yeah what's wrong with a fat baby? those are the cutest. :) my cousin was 11 pounds at birth.

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there are fat babies EVERYWHERE!!!

Did you punch her, OP???????????????????????

76- so was my friend lol. she's awesome so fat baby's rock lol

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76 i agree I was the heaviest out of my siblings and now im 16 years old and barley hit 100 pounds.

Oh shit! you're under weight! unless your a girl?

114, you managed to use 'you're' correctly the first time, then failed to use it the second time when it would've been correct? That's the first time I've seen that. -.-

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it made perfect sense to me. it was a recollection of her past boyfriends

"a recollection of her ex boyfriends who would've fathered attractive children." Ex boyfriends, with a s, indicates multiple ex boyfriends. It's a recollection of all of them. You fail.

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Alright, I'll give benefit of the doubt and withdraw my assumption, then. The comment wasn't that long after the FML was published, so I assumed it was just a lack of understanding.

The correct phrasing would be, "******* grammar Nazis, GTFO." You may copy and paste it next time.

if you let that get to your then you are pathetic

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I'm not a douche.... but why does it matter what others think... as long that she loves him THAT'S WHAT MATTERS..

agree with 91 because it's not what others think it's what's fact and how you feel he's not a douche at all

81 shut the **** up, hairy hobo. you can't even spell. go back to first grade, bitch. *slings whip* yeah, bitch.

I got a warning email from FML cause my comment said "YDI for being fat" too bad I'm right

MissBunny your pretty but dang your mean as hell!!! =D love is love

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Ugh i hate when that happens!

Just think about the (hopefully big) inheritance your soon-to-be wife (and therefore you) will get when she dies.

Ah, true. But eventually it'll get to OP's fiancée!

Unless the cranky old bitch spent it all already.

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Old people have the right to spew unnecessary prattle and not give a ****.;) On a more serious note, try not to care about what she says, -she's old- . She probably won't be able to make it to the wedding. Her days are numbered.