By Joe - Australia

Thanks, gran…

Today, I went with my beautiful fiancée to tell her grandmother, who's a bit senile, that we were engaged. Her response: "I know he's very nice, but think about the chubby little ugly children he'll give you". This was followed by a recollection of her ex-boyfriends who would've fathered attractive kids. FML
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  Jonah171  |  12

114, you managed to use 'you're' correctly the first time, then failed to use it the second time when it would've been correct?

That's the first time I've seen that. -.-

  Renesaga  |  8

"a recollection of her ex boyfriends who would've fathered attractive children." Ex boyfriends, with a s, indicates multiple ex boyfriends. It's a recollection of all of them. You fail.

  Renesaga  |  8

Alright, I'll give benefit of the doubt and withdraw my assumption, then. The comment wasn't that long after the FML was published, so I assumed it was just a lack of understanding.

By  mintcar  |  9

Old people have the right to spew unnecessary prattle and not give a fuck.;)

On a more serious note, try not to care about what she says, -she's old- . She probably won't be able to make it to the wedding. Her days are numbered.