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I told my father that it's something all guys do at least once, and that he probably did too, to which he replied, "Son, I don't have enough to measure."
By Infiltrator4444 / Thursday 26 July 2012 01:11 / United States - Lexington
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By  legitkitty  |  11

I bet your dad's is tiny

  mykalt18  |  2

One day, I came home and saw a piece of paper with line markings laying on our table. When I asked what it was for, I was told by my boyfriend that he used it to measure his penis and saved it to show me. He also has measured the circumference, he says he can burst open a toilet paper roll....

  Drigr  |  8

57, the day you find a man willing to admit he has a small penis, let us know. I don't think I have ever met a guy who doesn't pretend he has a 9 inch dong.

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