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  SpyroMello  |  29

I think the policy is that they can't date if she's a higher up or even at all since they had to hide it in the first place. Many places don't like a higher up dating someone who they're the boss of for obvious reasons.

By  Moerighan  |  23

If you like each other and he's a good guy, there shouldn't be a problem. If he gets jealous, well who wants to be with a person who would hate your success anyway? I have my fingers crossed for you OP

  SpyroMello  |  29

Policies can prevent them from being together. Many workplaces don't like coworkers dating for business reasons although some only have policies where higher ups can't date the people they're in charge of. Very few places have no policies against it. My boyfriend and I applied for the same job once and we had to hide the fact we were dating. Luckily neither of us got hired and now we work separate jobs but still. It's not that he's a bad guy, it just conflicts with business priorities.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

It should be ok as long as there's no company policies being broken. However, you should sign a contract with the company, and even between each other, saying neither, particularly him because you're his superior, can't sue or go after the other/the company should the relationship go bad. In Canada, even if company policy allows it, an employee can go after their boss for sexual harassment through the human rights commission, even if the relationship was legitimate. And they will win because the boss is in a position of power which does/can exploit the inferior party, even if it isn't intentional. Bosses are also expected, as an authority, to not put employees in a position where they could potentially be exploited and their rights violated.

It isn't romantic, and I know people don't like to think of their relationships possibly going bad, but it's better to be safe. If it isn't needed, then no harm done. If it is, then you have the law on your side and the means to protect yourself.

  RichardPencil  |  30

That's not true. It's up to each organization to set its own policy on that issue.

Every place I've worked has had different policies regarding co-workers "fraternizing", but they all strictly forbid boss-subordinate sexual relationships. Without that, companies are vulnerable to harassment lawsuits.

By  pettyjohn1995  |  14

When offered the promotion, you should have immediately informed whoever your superior is about the relationship. Wether you intend to continue the relationship or not, the company needs to know so this cannot come back to bite you in the ass later.