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Today, at work, I decided to make things more interesting, so when I called people I used a fake accent. As I was using an Australian accent, the person I was talking to asked me where in Australia I was from. I desperately replied, "Where the kangaroos are..." I'm now jobless. FML
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  TheMaster15  |  10

14&16 - Looked* pedophile*
I'm not so sure he should take your advice on what a "smart" person should say if you can't speak proper English yourself.

  pdp_fml  |  21

It's kind of like most people around the world think that we live in grass huts and surf and the girls all wear grass skirts and coconut
bras. I live in Hawaii.

  BabySparkle1  |  15

70- Haha you could say the most strangest things, that instead of cars we use kangaroos to get to and from. Wouldn't that be amazing! Would also save money on petrol.


Stereotypes are pretty stupid sometimes. I spoke to an old couple once visiting from another country (I live in Australia) and they were so surprised there was actually a city that big here. They expected to find pet kangaroos in everyone's back yards :)

  folfg0  |  12

I know! I live in Texas. FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!! We don't ride horses, or tractors to school or work. We don't all have jacked all to hell, POS trucks, and we don't kill Indians!


98: it was probably a joke, there's no harm in that.
Besides, how do you know #5 isn't Australian? That wouldn't be bad at all.
Even if he isn't, it's still not bad because it was only a joke.

  downtime  |  12

7, It depends though, the customer may have been Australian and taken that comment very seriously. I can understand how you'd be fired for such a bullshit comment if they decided to escalate it to a manager.

  jezane  |  9

62- The usage of "should have" in Australian accents has phonetically altered to shorten into a morphological contraction "should've" which shown in broad and colloquial accents produces a "should of" pronounced variation of "should have".
This indicates, although irregular, 'should of' is acceptable terminology throughout Australian society.

  downtime  |  12

86, I don't know who you're trying to fool but I challenge you to find a single English class in the country who will accept "should of" as an acceptable alternative for "should've" because it "sounds similar"...Any educated person in the country may overlook the slip up, that doesn't mean it is accepted, it means most people don't see the need to bother correcting it.

  dominic1221  |  6

Jezane, if you spent as much time consulting proper grammar resources as you did shamelessly abusing your pocket thesaurus, you'd realize just how wrong you are.