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  judices  |  0

How can you not know where you applied? Unless you applied in over thirty places I can't see how you wouldn't know? Either that or your just an idiot. A big one at that. I'm pretty sure they just don't call any random people!


Why in Gods name would u put ur name as Tanneriscool? That just shows either ur full of it or u have no self esteem and u try to cover it up with fake confidence...what has this world come to?

  MichellinMan  |  20

81- that is completely irrelevant to the FML. And for all you know, that could be his friend. So shut the fuck up, and go fuck yourself. Multiple times. And this world has been in the toilet for many years.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

Iknow cool story bro. But the same thing happened to me, didn't get the name, time or address. Legit call bak just say you didn't catch the address and ask again who you're speaking with and then if that is who is interviewing you. I was so excited too! Don't worry others out there who did the same thing. Also it was worse because both stores I applied to had the same name an are on the same street. So I had to make sure it was the right one.

  Bill3485  |  3

call back. if you're worried about sounding dumb use a different phone so caller id won't recognize it. pretend to be a foreigner and ask who you called and their address. thank them and hang up.

  tanneriscool  |  2

Dearest 81, your completely retarded.. It's just a name. Why on earth would even try to talk about my name when you try to be random in your bio and say you like cheezits, spongebob, and worst of all dog the bounty hunter. The a fail in itself. Your 14 and your from Mississippi. Eww... Mississippi. Go home, play with your barbies and quit trying to be cool.

  xk75  |  4

1. Google the phone number-you may find the business name that way

2. if you still can't find it, call them back to "ask for directions."