By babyfatt / Wednesday 16 December 2009 08:23 / Australia
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By  stupidsteph  |  0

I think I've read this hear before. Whichever the case, that's what you get for throwing that statement around. you probably tell everyone you love them and don't mean it

  xxdakotaxx  |  0

lay off scrooge u dont know his/her life.

and OP: Ive done that before xD Im used to talking to my girlfriend on the phone , and one day i was talking to my friend and she said she had to go, and i was like" ok call ya later, i love you " XD

  Levity  |  0

I bet conversations with your friends go "yea, i gotta go" "alright i mildly dislike you, later!"
that was sarcasm, because you probably don't have any friends which is why you hate people who love theirs

Love doesn't have to mean that you want to marry someone, I define someone you love as someone that you would give your life for

By  ssasjb01  |  0

@ #6 you have probale readvthis before, because this happens all the time. it'd happened to me
@OP no biggie, it's funny I'm sure he will think is funny too

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