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  schhichick  |  14

Just because she was not on a board does not mean it was not a similar situation! Both she and OP accidently got their phones wet while enjoying the water!

  JJ_86  |  22

There there, don't put more Salt in OP's pain.
OP, don't go overBOARD and blame yourself too much. It could happen to anyone. SEA if you can get it fixed or get a new one.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I have a lifeproof case but I still wouldn't want to take it out in the water, especially where it's deep, like where he's surfing, and where he could easily drop it and not get it back. I'd stick with checking the pockets before you go or maybe have a plan to always leave it in the car.

By  nlm92  |  15

Damnnnn maybe try putting it in a bowl of rice. I hear that sometimes works. After a few rides though? I'm not so sure. Worth a try though. Fyl OP that sucks!