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Today, at work, a lady approached me asking if I'd found a used cloth diaper on a table, and I told her it was probably in the trash. She said "That's okay, I can wash it." So I searched through several bags of trash, and when I couldn't find it, she said "Oh never mind! It's in my bag." FML
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Ew I would have told her to just get a new one.

Look on the bright side -- you didn't end up finding a used cloth diaper when you were looking through a bunch of trash.


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So many down votes for such a simple reply.

Including yours, #33... Why do people downvote some comments on here for no reason at all?

Ew I would have told her to just get a new one.

The whole point of using cloth diapers is to reuse them. If someone said that to me I'd be pretty upset. Now I agree that the lady should have been digging through trash rather than op.

This is a reply for number 16! ^v^ I understand that, but I mean, she thought she left a USED DIAPER on a table in a public place! If someone left that on a table and I knew what it was, I'd still have definitely thrown it away because, well.. it's not like I could put it in the lost or found or something! xD I would have felt bad for the woman and apologized if she came back looking for it, because cloth diapers are fairly expensive. Maybe I'd even offer her the money to purchase a new one. ^v^ But I wouldn't dig through the trash. @-@ Not in a billion years. >A< It would have been her mistake had she left it. >,< (I hope my comment hasn't upset anybody, I always feel so nervous to comment because I'm afraid I'll make people angry and they'll be mean. @A@)

I agree it was completely her fault, they are expensive, she should have taken more care if it

where the heck does OP even work that it seems appropriate to a customer that they would go digging through the trash for it?

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wtf kind of face is >A< @-@ @A@

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#41 you must be new to the internet ;~;"

In the past I was considering trying cloth diapers but it is alot of work. and its true they are ment to be reused. but as everyone says for her to leave a diaper cloth or not just lying around is disgusting and if I was op I highly doubt I would look for it. but I guess op was being nice

It would have been worse if you'd had to fish it out of the trash rather than it being in her bag, ew.

Not but much she still had to dig through several bags of trash, and I would guess some of not all came from the restroom.

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Should've just tell the lady to dig through the thrash on her own...

Look on the bright side -- you didn't end up finding a used cloth diaper when you were looking through a bunch of trash.

But who knows what else they could have found ?

Ugh, she shouldn't have left the used diaper just lying around in the first place, let alone, letting you search for it.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the lady probably has multiple children, and was in a rush. It's easy to forget things when one is in a rush... I once lost my keys when I was late for work, turns out they were hooked on my belt loop. People tend to mess up, no big deal.

But it was a used diaper. Whether cloth or not. Ew.

yeah a dirty diaper is something that shouldn't be widely accessible... I personally feel that when out in public, disposable is the way to go to avoid carrying shit and piss around. At hone reusable is fine, but no one wants to smell that when they're out, especially at a restaurant.

They make wet bags that you can put in your diaper bag that contain the mess and the smell. The whole point of reusable is to not use disposable as they are very bad for the environment and not so good for the baby.

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i use cloth while out, but we have a special bag they go in when dirty, and they never go on a table...yuck! And cloth actually stinks less than disposable, so unless youre waving it around no one would know you have it with you. They can get expesnsive, so I understand her wanting it back, but she should have been digging herself. Personally, I mostly have cheap ones so I would have let it go....

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A cloth diaper isn't sanitary; it should be handled with care.

10: I have two children in diapers, and although I will readily admit that I am typically frazzled to the point of leaving the diaper bag at home and having to turn back for it, I have never managed to forget a dirty diaper on a table in a public place. And if I did, even if it was an expensive reusable diaper, I would most certainly not make someone dig through the trash to find it. If it was that important, I'd have been digging through it myself.

This ones messed up on so many levels. I now love my job again thanks to you OP.

I don't care what anyone says. The customer is not always right.

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Yes I agree and like it was said earlier the customer should have looked for it herself and let OP get back to work.

I swear purses/diaper bags are black holes!!!