I love the countryside

By disturbed - 01/06/2014 01:53 - Ireland

Today, I was hit in the face by the placenta of a cow that had just given birth. FML
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Rei_Ayanami 18

Ahh, the joys of country living. Fresh air, no noise pollution, and being smacked in the face by cow placenta. P.S. Congratulations on your new calf.

You should have mooved out of the way.


Rei_Ayanami 18

Ahh, the joys of country living. Fresh air, no noise pollution, and being smacked in the face by cow placenta. P.S. Congratulations on your new calf.

Demig0d6 14

Then I guess I could say you just got milked!!

@#42 That pun xD Are you trying to make a reference to a song by Capture The Crown too?

61 - Fairly sure they're referencing to Ludacris's song "Move Bitch."

You know that baby/calf & placenta are 2 different things, right?

You should have mooved out of the way.

Can't have been that bad. I reckon OP is just milking it

Cowever obvious it may be, this is udderly brilliant advice. At the very least not calf bad.

You're right, I never looked at it that way beefore.

You just "cud"n't stay out of the cows way "cud" you?

I was going to give you some advice because I assumed you were new, but now knowing you aren't, this uneventful and not very helpful comment is completely your fault. For future reference, "We thank Franklin" should never be a suitable retort.

Oh ok. Pardon me for even though being "old", I didn't invest much time in studying the dynamics of FML comments and perfecting my reactions accordingly. I withdraw my instinctive/impulsive wtf and thank you for your advice. I don't aspire to comment ever again. Goodbye and have a nice day/life

I'm sorry ComoEsJuan, but what gives you the right to tell monocyte that his comment is unsuitable and should never have been posted? What gives you the right to speak for the entirety of the FML community? Did someone die and leave you in charge of the appropriate comments committee? Monocyte has the right to free speech. He read the FML and posted his reaction and it's a hell of a lot more appropriate, genuine and acceptable than some of these people's attempts to be witty. Regardless, it's certainly not your place to tell him he shouldn't have posted it. If people don't like it they will down vote it, but even that doesn't negate his right to have posted it in the first place.

Relax, people, relax... First of all, the right that I used was what you called "free speech", or do I not have that? Second, I wasn't speaking for the whole community. Just myself. And finally, this is the internet, and apparently jokes go over the heads of many people, like you two for example. I am not the comment police, nor have I ever claimed to be. Again, this is the internet. Jokes, people, jokes.

I think everyone needs to calm down and have a cookie... with milk.

No...it didn't come across as a joke. Of course you have free speech. If you had simply told him his comment sucked that would have been fine...you have that right. You however, went beyond that by attempting to regulate and stifle, seemingly on behalf of everyone here, another user's right to say whatever the heck he wants. All based on your own opinion of what is and is not an appropriate comment for FML. Sorry...but that's not covered under free speech.

91hayek 31

WTF indeed. Came for the placenta, stayed for the free speech lecture. Only on FML.

Strange enough we milk cows, but getting hit in the face with the placenta.. Nasty.

Nutritious milk that is made to be consumed by another living being is TOTALLY the same as a bloody placenta to the face. You're one of those people that considers breast milk on the same level as piss, aren't you?

31 - he never said they were similar, just that they both came from a cow

Well the placenta was once used to nurture another living thing so your argument is irrelevant.

My point is that the comment sounded a lot like they were saying that the milk is gross because we find the plecenta gross. Plecentas are basically sacs of blood and other pretty gross stuff to have in your face, milk is just food.

No I don't count milk as piss! I am saying its odd. Think about it.

A drink made for baby cows, not humans.

God damnit I'm a baby cow? Why didn't anyone tell me?!

I'm with 64. people are always telling me, "but the cows like being milked!"... Yes, and if they were allowed to remain with their calves, they would be milked. I simply do not think it's right to sperate any baby from its mother, or to kill any baby, just so we can get milk.