By Bad Artist - 07/05/2014 14:55 - United States

Today, my friend sent me a link to a "horrible" tattoo that he found online, that a guy had gotten at my tattoo parlor. FML
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Well OP it's a matter of opinion right? If the client was happy that's all that matters.

Maybe it was done right just not the best choice of tattoo by the customer.


It's a matter of opinion, don't worry about it

Whoops I literally just said the same thing as #2, whatever it's still true

Its not necessarily a matter of opinion... Not if its just bad quality or say they spelled something wrong.

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Exactly 17. Nobody thinks that blowouts and patchy shading are good quality. True, OP didn't give us much info on why it was marked as horrible but when judging tattoos, those are some major components.

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Well OP it's a matter of opinion right? If the client was happy that's all that matters.

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I'm thinking that if the client was happy, the tattoo wouldn't be on some "horrible tattoo" website

people rarely post their own tattoos on this websites. no one wants to admit that their ink is shit

no one said it was on a horrible tattoo website just that. horrible tattoo had been found online (However, you're probably right and it was on a horrible tattoo website)

I was thinking that it could've been horrible taste in what the person wanted. I've heard of really crazy tattoos that I would easily consider horrible, even though they were executed greatly. One such example is a monkey on someone's belly where the belly button is the monkey's anus.

I think this post could use a follow-up.

it also could've ended up on a horrible tattoo website. The person with the tattoo doesn't have to be the one to post it there. Also I know a lot of people who can admit their ink is crap. I have one on my shoulder that could possibly be on one of those websites.

They do say work speaks for itself. Sorry.

If the person who got the tattoo likes it, then it isn't such a problem OP. but maybe tell your friend that it was done at your tattoo parlour, hopefully they'll feel bad.

Yea if they like it don't take it to the heart . It's all about matter of opinion

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Why would you want to make someone feel bad for nothing?

I don't see how the friend feeling bad is something to hope for.

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I have a feeling the parlor was named and that's why the friend showed him. Especially since OP said it was done at his shop, not that he had necessarily done it himself.

Maybe it was done right just not the best choice of tattoo by the customer.

True, if someone wants a dick on their forehead it's hardly the tattoer's responsibility if it looks horrible.

But the client chose the design right? So nothing to worry about OP :)

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Let's hope you're not the one that did it hopefully just one of your workers

Like the previous posters said, artwork can be very subjective. Plenty of tattoos that I would call horrible, can be very amazing for others. I guess the question next is whether it was taste or practice. I believe taste was the issue but good luck and don't give up on your work. Continue to learn.

Can we see the pic? Lol then we can judge too! :D

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Yeah, it couldn't be that bad, right?