By ginny - 10/09/2009 17:18 - United States

Today, my boyfriend came in my room dressed as Harry Potter and declared that he was going to put his basilisk into my chamber of secrets. And yes, that was my first time. FML
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You should have cast an enlargement spell on him

It coulda been worse. He coulda been Voldemort.


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hahha kinky freak XD

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OP, your bf is made of WIN

Sessee 4

You're seventy-second. OP: Your fucking boyfriend wins. I'm tired of weak bitches complaining about their epic boyfriends.

#72 hahahahahahahaha fyl..dumbass

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omg, why would you complain?? seriously, awesome.

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that is awsome!!!!! he's an OG!!!!!

lol nice metafore

Harry Poter sucks ass, thus all the situation is made of fail. First experience shouldn't be with some underage harry poter fan, but that's just me.

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die In a hole xbang out

He's a keeper. Get it? Quidditch? Keeper?

That is serious boyfriend material. Where can I find someone just like him?

that's really weird

Omg, how the hell is this an FML?!? I say MLIA or MLIG (:

You should have cast an enlargement spell on him

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Haha! "Engorgio"! This would be the ultimate... sex pick-up line (?) for mad Harry Potter fans! I'd crack up if someone tried it on me... then probably be like "yeah sure, just let me grab my invisibility cloak..." :P

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epic winn :]

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and for those of u who can't get it up.. VIAGRIMO!

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just make sure he uses protection. don't want her getting hogwarts down there ;] haha

lenamartinovic 13

Better yet Erecto!

#165 Thanks for that image, really gonna help me sleep tonight *starts crying*

Lmao hes halarious Fyl for not having a sense of humor

what?? how can you use humor like that on your first time?? it's just weird... maybe later, but the first time? DAMN!

People need to relax, humor is good.

fyl, indeed. thaths why there are age limits on potter films.

There is no age limit on Potter films.

It coulda been worse. He coulda been Voldemort.

amerrah 4

Ahahah the weasly twins if it was a threesome.

I love your name OP xD

Lmao at joedotpadilla! XD


wingardium leviosa (this refers to his erection)