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By Anonymous - 05/11/2010 00:00 - United States

Today, I was at Wal-Mart where all the aisles had been moved. An elderly woman asked me where the pet products were, so I told her that I didn't know, but showed her where they could be. An hour later, she came back with security. She'd told them I'd purposefully gotten her lost. They threw me out. FML
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Wow, Wal-Mart security sure is stupid if they're going to kick you out for something so insignificant. Slow day for security.


a short "I don't know" would have helped alot.

why would you stay at a supermarket for over an hour? the longest iv stayed in a supermarket was for 30min only because I got in a fight with someone over wether ketchup and tomato sauce was the same thing

please stop talking 21... Op- Wal-Mart security kicked you out over some old crazy bitch? I have a feeling you left some part of the story out.

should've just kept it at "I don't know"

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lol some people only go to the super market once a month so I would be there for an hour or two

I couldn't agree more 21, who the frick does that?

yea...WTF were you doing in walmart for that long???

shutup 34 old people can be devious. you obviously don't know what you're talking about. it's not impossible to do something evil. I have been in a similar situation (as in an evil old guy was involved)

The store had been rearranged, people. If OP had a longish list, an hour isn't an unreasonable length of time for locating everything, especially if they were busy or still in the process of rearranging.

wait, lol you were at walmart for an hour??

i've never heard of anyone getting kicked out of wal-mart for getting someone lost...

YDI for misguiding that old woman who needed the "toy" so badly

that is why I hate walmart and if you want to see another reason why hate it checkout

so much for trying to help someone.. I'm sorry OP :(

Baahaha! Old people can be so epic sometimes, especially when they didn't get want they wanted, or forgot they were in the wrong etc. Security probably put you out just to pacify the old lady, though (:

why were you in the same place for an hour??

Wow, Wal-Mart security sure is stupid if they're going to kick you out for something so insignificant. Slow day for security.

I work armed security for public housing, not Wamart, but I don't believe Walmart would toss someone for that. There must be more to the story or it didn't happen the way OP said.

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For sure. I don't work in security but I DO work in retail. I can't just throw out someone being difficult or something like that. There's no grounds for it. Who knows.

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anyway why the hell would you spend more than an hour in a wal-mart?!

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Lmao! sorry >___> should've just left her alone. Old people can be so mean sometimes.

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Wow OP, you mastermind! Security is retarded.

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haha seriously? what a mean old lady. I'm tempted to say YDI for spending an entire hour at wal-mart...haha just kidding.

what the hell do you do for an entire hour at wal mart?

So true. Even the express lanes are super slow.

you are so friggen cute. jus sayin =P

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haha, ya. who spends an hour at wal-mart???

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I was about to ask why you spent an hour in walmart..

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Yeah, that rated a YDI from me...

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I spend an hour at Walmart all the time. Really.

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Don't help old people ever. Helping them tends to lead to an FML.

so true...I work at a supermarket and get yelled at when they didn't look at the right price tag

OP, may a thousand blessings rain from teh heavens on you for ever. You are the greatest person I have ever encountered on the internet. If I knew you in RL, I'd take you to lunch and buy you a build-a-bear. why? Because you said "purposefully" instead of "purposely".

Don't be a loser, purposefully exists for god sake and in this context, it is used appropriately. Read more story books man.

I think he is saying he/she used it right.... hence going for a beer and building he/she a bear over it.

some old women can be really nasty!! that sucks!