By catguy - / Wednesday 19 August 2009 09:08 / United States
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  swirlsofhoney  |  0

Only if she told him. Obviously she's been lying so how could he know? Even if he goes to her house and her cat's not there it would be normal; cats are outside all the time.

  hope93  |  0

#8 not all cats stay outside. my cat stays inside... but she hides all the time so unless you look for her than you really don't see her. and I go to peoples house where they have a cat that I have yet to see so its possible he didn't know she was lying

  toink  |  0

I agree, and 'taking care' means having sex, so 'dead cat' means that OP had not fucked her pussy for 3 months. No wonder she asked her neighbour to 'take care of her cat'...

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