By catguy - United States
Today, and for quite some time, my girlfriend has been telling me that she needs to go home each night to take care of her cat. Taking care of her cat is, it seems, an euphemism for having it off with her neighbor Tom since her cat died three months ago. FML
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  swirlsofhoney  |  0

Only if she told him. Obviously she's been lying so how could he know? Even if he goes to her house and her cat's not there it would be normal; cats are outside all the time.

  hope93  |  0

#8 not all cats stay outside. my cat stays inside... but she hides all the time so unless you look for her than you really don't see her. and I go to peoples house where they have a cat that I have yet to see so its possible he didn't know she was lying

  toink  |  0

I agree, and 'taking care' means having sex, so 'dead cat' means that OP had not fucked her pussy for 3 months. No wonder she asked her neighbour to 'take care of her cat'...