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Today, I came home from a four-day trip. Apparently, my cat thought I was gone for good and is now very unhappy that I'm home. I know this because she's been positioning herself between me and my husband all night, and hisses every time I try to touch him. He thinks it's hilarious. FML
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By  Jimboom  |  11

The cat has lost all respect it may have had for you. Since you can't have respect make it fear you. Randomly kick it or while it is eating dump a glass of water on it..

Just kidding. I don't condone violence towards animals. Show it some love, perhaps give it some treats or something... but you may want to get your husband to clip it's claws before you try. Just in case it doesn't go so well.

  st0815  |  9

What violence for christ's sake? Tell the cat in a stern voice to knock it off and shush her away - that's all it takes. You don't need to negotiate with a pet. I don't really get how people manage to let cats rule their lives - cats are pretty easy to control as long as you don't establish a pattern of putting up with their shit.

  Mikki4321  |  0

Either you are very dominating/alpha, or you have only met very dorsile cats. Because my cat can be a total wackjob, especially when she was younger, and I could shush and talk to her as stern as I wanted, it wouldn't matter.
It's just like kids, some are easy to control, some aren't, but most get better when they grow older.


I'm very late in replying lol, I'm on the random page.

But I just want to say that stern voices don't work with cats, because they are independent creatures. with dogs, yes because it is in there genes to know when someone is more dominant than them. but a cat is generally very hard to control. they can learn, yes, but usually only with spritzes of water and treats and orange peals (orange scent will keep a cat out of places you don't want it to be)