By Anonymous - United States
Today, at Six flags, friends and I were going to ride "Superman". People lose their phones on it easily, so I asked a friend who decided not to ride to put mine in her bag. When it ended, I learned she went and asked an employee in navy to hold onto it, but couldn't find him. Employees wear yellow. FML
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  TheHeroOfTime  |  0

I wouldn't say FYL, with any common sense and eyes that work you can see the Superman doesn't go upside down, and a pocket is to hold smoething in it. You put your phone in your pocket so you don't lose it, that's precisely why they were invented. Even when Roller Coasters go upside down you wouldn't lose your cell-phone.

YDI OP, Open your eyes.

  Regal6  |  0

Actually you lay on your stomach on superman. I lost my phone on it. You have to wait untill the park closes to get it. Its really easy to lose a phone/valuable item on that ride. plus if she didnt have a buton or zipper on her pocket it WOULD fall out. IDIOT!

  gonzolove  |  0

Six Flags Darien Lake in New York. That Superman goes upside down and I don't think that they are any different. I think that person is just dumb.

  danielw  |  0

since the fml is coming from illinois, it would make more sense if she was talking about the one in gurney, illinois. I've been on that superman before. It's just like regal described. And yes, it does go upside down.

  Kaplowitz  |  0

The Superman ride at Great Adventure goes on your stomach, but it goes upside down too.

ALSO: they have lockers

  theschweigert  |  0

your a dumb shit, especially if you consider the one at darien lake, "your superman". you don't know what the heck you're talking about. I live in buffalo, NY, 20 minutes away from darien lake and was there Tuesday. and unless they put a loop or something in the coaster in the past four days, IT DOES NOT GO UPSIDE DOWN. all there is is a 210 ft. hill, a left right after the drop, up a smaller hill, through a left turning helix, up another hill, down, through a right turning helix, a weird tilted hill in the middle of a turn, a photo section, and 3 bunny hills. then its over. NO UPSIDE DOWN STUFF

  Miley_Virus  |  0

You must be retarted, or you've never been to six flags and been on super man...because i lost my wallet and keys on that goddamn your eyes idiot

  toekneeuh  |  0

I think #15 is from California because the Superman ride there is like this
the one on the stomach is like our tatsu :D

  shellls  |  2

just to clarify any confusion; I live in GURNEE (spelled like that to the chick who spelled it gurney) and it goes upside down. Some of the other six flags have older versions or different versions of the superman ride which is why some people say it does go upside down and some say it's a tame ride.

  rawr_ily96  |  24

They use the name "Superman" too much. The one here is a sort of bouncy tower called Superman: Tower of Power which people call Superman for short. That's what I was imagining. It's like a giant bungee jump that consists of 3 towers.