By Zyopy - 18/12/2015 08:33 - Australia - Hampton

Today, I didn't secure my friend's wheelchair well enough to my car roof before giving him a ride. It flew off mid-drive and we still haven't found it. FML
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Did he just sit in the car awkwardly as you searched.

Let's just hope no one 'found' it with their windshield


psychopolarbear 28

How did you not notice? Just wondering because that seems like it would make a lot of noise coming off and hitting the ground.

Hammer1722 19

Going to be honest, I had to reread this a couple of times because I may have thought OP meant that his friend was in the wheelchair... I wondered why there wasn't so many YDI.

I wonder what happened to his Christmas tree

Did he just sit in the car awkwardly as you searched.

Psycho_Babydoll 26

I should not have laughed so hard at this because it's probably true.

This is why you always double, maybe even triple check to see if you secured it well enough

Too bad this was a pretty expensive and stupidly necessary lesson...

Luxray24 13

IMO the best vocal track in a Sonic the Hedgehog game.

How do you not notice a wheelchair flying out of your car? Better yet why didn't you make sure it was secure? YDI

I suspect that they noticed it fell off and immediately stopped to look for it but it went somewhere crazy and they couldn't find it. Also, maybe the OP did make sure it was secure but it somehow fell off anyway.

I know, right? Those were the first words out of my mouth!

Iwannarock1 19

Until you put a Hyabusa engine in them. Then they're a blast!

You are so insightful! How could I have realised that without your sage words?

imahobbitlol 24

Don't wheelchairs fold a certain way so you can put it in your car?

gobiteme2 34

Wheelchairs do fold down so you can place in car or trunk. OP shows how brilliant he is by not figuring out how to unlock locks, also for not asking how to do it. Why would anyone think he would be able to tie a proper knot.

21 if it was a wheelchair that could be folded why would the friend not point that out? OP was strapping it to the car that's a pretty hard thing to miss

Depends on what he drives. I have a drop top Mustang, a wheelchair, even a small, fully collapabale one, isn't fitting in my car at all. Ever. You couldn't even put it on top. So if he drove a small coupe with a tiny trunk, the roof would be the only option.

Even if the trunk was full, there is such a thing as a back seat

It probably was folded and tied down sideways onto the roof maybe because op doesnt have backseats or a boot or space, either way i find it hard to believe the wheel chair was just sitting on the roof of the car upright.

TXlove 6

If it is a custom WC, as many younger people who are permanently in wheelchairs have, they don't all fold.

On mine, the wheels come off and the back folds down, but some stay upright and just fold in half in the middle. I find it hard to believe that OP couldn't fit in in his car if it's designed like mine, since my friends used to put it in the trunk of my Corolla which had 2 12" subwoofers taking up the majority of the space and I rode in my friend's dad's Camaro convertible once and we fit it in there. But like I said, not all of them are like mine. Without knowing all of the details, FYL OP, but more F your friend's L.

snarkytruth 37

#24 Back seat floorboard between the front and back. Or on the back seat strapped in at an angle. If you cared enough about your friend you would find a way or take a taxi together. Roof -it is going to scratch the hell out of a roof and be a serious hazard. As for "never" with your mustang, even if it were a two seater for less than $200 a simple hitch rack a child could operate solves that problem.

corky1992 33

Sounds like you owe him a new wheelchair. I have no idea how you managed to lose a wheelchair. Shouldn't you have stopped the second it fell off?