By the other man - 28/08/2013 03:11 - United States - Fort Smith

Today, I learned that the girl I've been seeing for 6 months is actually married. She just dates me when her husband is pissing her off. FML
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InfernoVivo 12

What a ridiculous situation. You should end it with her immediately

She is using you, obviously. If you are smart, you know cutting her from your life is the way to go.


InfernoVivo 12

What a ridiculous situation. You should end it with her immediately

I agree, but first you have to explain to her that what she is doing is wrong and unfair to her husband and to tell him about it. Lets hope he doesnt beat you up afterwards!

8 - I doubt she thinks what she is doing is right..

#22 Well obviously she has justified her actions as fine. My guess is her rationale from the fml is something like "My husband pisses me off, so he deserves to be cheated on." Most people won't do things repeatedly against their morales, unless in extreme circumstances.

really? I would of thought he'd keep seeing her.

little_excel 5

The girl you "were seeing" right?

take her phone when shes not paying attention then send her hausband of a pic with you and her saying shes cheating on you.

She is using you, obviously. If you are smart, you know cutting her from your life is the way to go.

Just be thankful that it's only been 6 months and that hopefully nothing too serious happened between you guys during that period of time. Other than that, like 1 said, leave her ass.

So many people are unfaithful these days. It's really causing me to lose hope in relationships.

fieldhockeygal97 19

Wow, why the hell do people think that it's okay to cheat on their significant other? FYL, OP, leave that bitch.

mimiminx 23

#4 I'm pretty sure people have been unfaithful since humans walked the earth. It's hardly a new thing

I think she knows that. She's just implying that it's gotten ALOT worse over the years.

21, when humans first walked the earth, there was no "marriage" You reproduced, got your mate pregnant, and moved on.

38 IS technically correct, I don't see why he's getting thumbed down.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Consider when researched "monogamous" animals like swans still sought other partners at times. Also consider that humans closest relative is the bonobo. What is so unique about that animal? They solve everything with orgies. Around the globe and through most of history, serial monogamy and polygamy are the norm, not life long monogamy. In one study it was found on average only 20% of people were 100% monogamous for life... The others engaged in cheating, serial monogamy (multiple marriages and divorces) or polygamy. So when you consider that... If you want to know why humans suck at monogamy you should read te book Sex at Dawn.

RedPillSucks 31

@25 I don't think it's gotten a LOT worse over the years. Now it's just more public, and women are doing it too. Previously, it was mostly men.

@54 You don't really believe that women just started cheating now do you? Women, like men, have been cheating for centuries. People have believed that it was mostly men simply because women have been better at lying about it. We see more women cheating today simply because lying is becoming more difficult with today's fast-paced, connected lifestyle.

lazygirlWOW 9

Now would be a great time to tell her husband about her infidelity. But yeah sorry OP :/

Kallian_fml 21

It would be wrong for OP to tell the husband for the purpose of pissing him off. However, OP should tell the husband for the purpose of letting him know what kind of woman he's married to.

Why should op tell the husband!?! He could get his ass kicked for HER wrong doing. And besides its not op's job to confess a grown women's wrong doing.

Damn, I feel like I'm going to end up marrying someone like that. It's just my luck, sounds like yours too. ...unless you marry me...oh, whaaaaat?

Lucky OP. Soon to be single (I hope), and already being hit on.

ghil15 8

can i just marry u instead? nevermind OP lol

loveingit 7

Was this to be a joke that went wrong? If not you will find an asshat if your hitting on someone 5 mins after they get out of a relationship bets are it will end badly.

It was a joke. Not looking for an "asshat" as you call it or someone off of fml. Ha. Im perfectly capable of finding someone otherwise, just lightening the mood!

How did he find out though? Big daddy come find them two in bed?!

zahra_786 19

Get to know her husband without her knowing about it, then show up to watch some sports. Then tell her husband about the affair with her present. "She promised me she wasn't married"

I think you shouldn't get the husband involved. It's such a touchy topic whether to tell, or don't tell.. However; I am a strong believer in karma and he will find out when it's right (maybe he already knows?). It's no use getting involved in their relationship, because once you end things she may just end up going to someone else. And if it was me, yes I feel like I've been cheated on... However if I was the husband, I wouldn't want to find out in spite of her.

Yah cause that would work out so much better when they're friends "By the way during this whole friendship I was banging your wife"