By Anonymous - 07/01/2013 00:24 - United States - Boise

Today, while out hiking, my phone slipped out of my pocket. I caught it and gave it to my little cousin, giving her a "special mission" to keep it safe. When we got back to our cars later, I asked her for my phone back. Turns out she left it under a shrub back in the hills so it'd be "safe." FML
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pjmommy 9

why would u give it to your LITTLE cousin?

well she did what you told her to, no complaints about that


I don't know about you, but Mine is usually filled with spaghetti.

laya_fml 26

How bizarre. My fanny pack is usually filled with fans.

Or a bra. That's where my phone usually is.

That's just a terrible idea, it'd probably fall down her shirt!

Not sure OP wants to wear a bra... That might be a little strange considering he's a guy.

RedPillSucks 31

Need a place to keep those moobs...

Yes, 37, next time OP definitely should bring a bra. That wouldn't be strange at all...

42 & 45, I didn't even notice. But come on, bras are so ******* convenient, it's like having a purse attached to your ****. You literally can't lose it.. Under most circumstances. And even if he didn't have the moobies to put in it, it's just all the more room to put other things.

Maybe if he needs some support for his massive ba-I'm not even going to finish that thought. I'm sorry folks.

Under the butt nut hut! They do make stash boxers though, which I suppose would be a more feasible option for him.

perdix 29

Bloody hell! Me and me mates at the pub were drinking our pints and nearly honked up our shepherd's pie when we saw this. What kind of bloke wears a ****** pack?!?!?! Blimey!

Perdix your comments are hit or miss but hit or miss they always make me laugh.

perdix 29

#56. I guess when I hit, you laugh WITH me; and when I miss, you laugh AT me. Hey, I'm not proud, I'll take both. Thanks!

LiterOfCola 16

Hey it's pretty weird; I usually love the comments perdix makes when he gets buried.

I agree with 85, it's pretty nasty. Plus, I don't know where those bills have been, not to mention my phone isn't the cleanest thing in the world. I don't want to have who-knows-what rubbed off all over my bra or boobs.

This, and the fact that I loathe carrying a purse, is the reason why I started buying men's pants. Because they have actual pockets. That you can fit things in. Like your wallet and keys and cellphone. A purse is also a real pain in the ass when you use crutches to get around (which I do, disabled, yay). I worked in retail for a long time (over ten years) and it is TOTALLY nasty to pull money out of your bra. I could understand tucking a couple bucks under the strap at your shoulder for an emergency or something, but actually IN the part of your bra where your **** go? That is one of the sweatiest areas on the female body. Might as well stash it in your armpit.

I don't even get why you ever get thumbed down. Everyone of your comments always makes me laugh!

The fanny pack will hold your stuff and bring all of the girls to the yard...

*proceeds to song "My Fanny Pack" by "Smosh"

well she did what you told her to, no complaints about that

zero91 4

haha yea .. op should have given the mission as deliver the phone safely to the car

Osito2011 9

His cousin was probably like, special mission my ass. Hold your own stuff cuzo!

pjmommy 9

why would u give it to your LITTLE cousin?

Because the BIG cousin would have eaten it.

Some kids would've guarded his phone with their life. All depends on the kid!

Small children + important valuables = recipe for disaster. Though I do admit that some of my little cousins are doing remarkably advanced stuff on their iPods for their ages. It really depends on how old the kid was.

my little sister would have done an excellent job taking care of my phone. I've entrusted her with my expensive camera and such before. If anyone tried to take it she would put up one hell of a good fight

I dont think it depends on how old the kid is, but more on her personality. But despite that, giving your phone to your little cousin for safekeeping is just really dumb.

Why would it EVEN occur to you to give it to your "little cousin". I mean, how old is she to have an idea like that?

Ugh, that's supposed to be a question mark. I edited it but it didn't register.

She must be really young if she leaves a phone under a shrub

Pfft if I lost my phone I would not get another. I would have to pay for my new one and pay it monthly

Haha. Special mission turns out to be really special and memorable.

Hey I agree. It could be one of those stories everyone laughs about in time. Maybe.

Put it in your back pack? Or deeper pocket?

Huh, that's actually pretty good for a safe place. I usually stow my phone under a rock in a stream.

lmaouloser 5

12- the water could cause a problem too! D:

onorexveritas 23
laya_fml 26

I don't believe you understood the pun.

laya_fml 26

That's a good possibility. Should iPhone the OP and ask?

Only if you have the minutes, if not maybe try face to Facetime

BunchieRules 31

9 - I HTC what you did there! OP, if your sister wanted the phone to be safe, she should have kept it in her palm.

BunchieRules 31

9 - I HTC what you did there! OP, if your sister wanted the phone to be safe, she should have kept it in her palm.