By phone-less - 17/12/2015 02:47 - United States - East Peoria

Today, I was at an amusement park with friends. We wanted to get a picture of all four of us, so we asked a nice-looking man to take it for us on my brand-new iPhone 6s. He took something. Unfortunately, it wasn't a picture. FML
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lexiieeex3 32

iPhones are expensive man I would take off and chase that ************.


I always ask someone who has a young child or baby with them. They never run.

Unless they're training the next generation of thieves.

Or you are in Eastern Europe. Then you can't trust them at all.

Track him down using the handy dandy "find my iPhone" app and take something of his as well... His balls, since he obviously doesn't have any, stealing phones from girls.

First of all, you can't steal something he doesn't have. Second, that was extremely sexist; you have no idea if OP is a girl.

OP is a girl. Guys don't take group photos. We stand awkwardly in photos taken by girls.

Or perhaps his he stole OP's phone.

tounces7 27

A guy would not use the phrase "A Nice looking man".

de2391 7

Don't trust strangers with your valuables.

lexiieeex3 32

iPhones are expensive man I would take off and chase that ************.

Honestly, any other phone is less expensive then an IPhone. Android Masterrace.

UserError94 18

Lol Yup, plot twist. He gave her a 6 plus

UserError94 18

Another plot twist, there was no screen protector..she's pregnant

If I think I know what you're saying, you're savage af

I guess I'm just not that trusting of people, I wouldn't ever hand over my phone to a stranger to take a picture. And my phone is damn cheap. Next time hand it to someone of who you're sure you can outrun.

Then OP should find the human equivalent of a whale to take pictures. Then if the phone gets stolen, OP can roll after them and still get the phone back.

Now I'm imagining a pod of killer whales surrounding a manatee with a killer ringtone.

You know, this is why I really don't have a problem with selfie sticks. Fewer thefts = always a good thing.

MonstreBelle 28

It's like a 2-in-1 defense system. You don't need to give your phone to a stranger to fit everyone in the picture and if someone still manages to steal your phone, you can beat them into submission with it and get your phone back

Only problem with your idea is the fact there has been a recent trend in most theme parks restricting or outlawing the use of them citing safety concerns.

On roller coasters/rides yes, not in the actual parks.

Second selfie stick. People look at you funny but at least you have less thing to worry about. Or alternatively use the front camera and get the person in front of the group to take it and stick all your heads together like sardine.