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Today, as a recovering alcoholic, I called my brother to share the news that I've been sober for a month. He invited me to a bar to celebrate. FML
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Seems like you shouldn't be calling him for a while! Sorry OP, keep up the good work though!

I don't understand why people vote for "you deserve it" on posts like these. Great job OP ;)


Seems like you shouldn't be calling him for a while! Sorry OP, keep up the good work though!

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He just wanted to celebrate:) congratulations OP!

8- Oh the irony *that is so obvious and the whole meaning of the fml that there is no reason to comment on it

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Well, you know you've truly recovered when you can walk into a bar, and stay there through the night without even feeling temptation. Seems like you've got some way to go, but you can get there eventually. It's an incredible feeling to overcome an addiction - better than the feeling of whatever you were addicted to in the first place. Stay strong OP, it'll all be worth it in the end.

Dude, he's been sober a month. Alcoholics who have been sober for ten YEARS will drink when put in a situation like that. It's like smoking crack rock around someone who's been off the pipe for a month. They're gonna want a hit. (I'm assuming. Crack sounds disgusting.) Edit: didn't fully read your comment. Just skimmed it. My bad. Well it all goes the same for anyone saying its fine for him to go visit the bar right now.

Oh well... Op is doing an excellent job. Keep it up OP. :)

23- What a great username for such a statement, but indeed, overcoming obstacles is very satisfying and I'm sure addictions are even more satisfying to conquer.

How else can u celebrate something ?? Drinking is the way ! Sober is not good.

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34- So you use to drink at your birthday parties when you were younger? Hmmm... I bet you're parents were the 'cool' ones. Party at lifeguardd's house!

Saw that quick edit 41. Good save. But I'm only going to a party at his house if there's a pool. And and air castle. And lots of alcohol. And a clown making balloon animals. And maybe a petting zoo.

Well shit, I'm sorry guys, looks like Lifeguardd just got banned tonight in one fell swoop for telling me to go **** myself, and then saying something else rude when I gave a reasonable rebuttal. Looks like we won't be having a party at his place after all. :/

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Beer : its been a while ehh jonny. Jonny : mnn Beer : drink meeeeee drink meeee. Jonny : ...why the **** is the beer talking to me. Ive been sober a month damnit. Dx

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"GF and BF sitting together bf drinks beer And says I love u, the GF blushes and says is that u or the beer talking? The bf says its me my beer"

GovernorGeneral 8

Funny joke. Funny joke. ....Funny joke.

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43- damn you caught me, I didn't even see his reply and haha lifeguardd got erased, isn't fun to be immature, just me?

34- Not everyone is happy and nice when they are drinking, most of my family members are alcoholics.. So have some respect!

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Give in to the dark side of the force... They have beer. And cookies....

Actually, that comment was pretty ignorant. I have no idea what you're going through, OP, but stay strong.

I'm pretty sure they lied about the cookies:(

And the cake. Hint: the cake isn't real.

Valve is being a bitch:/ they never make a game trilogy, i want a l4d3

They're crafty as shit. They do it in two's to **** with us. Half Life, Portal, Left For Dead... I'm not sure why?

Team fortress, all i know is they are probably the best though seeing as they never stop updating their games. Tf2 is close to 10 years old and its still getting updated and its also free on steam. Valve is the shit I do like other games i just wish publishers like activision would go to hell

L4d and portal were probably some of the best games I played. L4d vs. is still my favorite online game.

Great job at helping OP out with video game chat! Keep up the good work:)

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We did :) but isn't that why they call it the dark side?

whats one little drink gonna do? everyone is doing it!

So OP isn't a recovering alcoholic? Must've been a typo in the FML.

So 3 isn't being sarcastic? Must have been fail interpretation

Actually 36 there was a typo in the FML. After "Today," there is 2 spaces instead of 1. Not that big a deal, but still a typo

So sarcasm isn't hard to understand when people type it? Wait.. It is

Don't listen to 3, he punches babies and encourages people to get wasted

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kristena103 14

i only encourage women to get wasted...and only when theyre pregnant

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Good thinking. Get drunk and you won't remember a damn thing :) Jk dude but he's just testing you duh

Agreed. Besides, bars sells non-alcoholic drinks too.

Wow, really? You think that because bars sell non-alcoholics drinks that a recovering alcoholic should be fine going there? He's going to be sitting in a room where almost everyone else is drinking, and the wall behind the bar is a display of hard liquor bottles illuminated to show them off. Bad.Idea.

I don't understand why people vote for "you deserve it" on posts like these. Great job OP ;)

Maybe they were drunk when they read it

I think some people accidentally select the "you deserved it" option when they intend to open the FML to see comments.

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Deserves it for becoming an alcoholic in the first place.

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Did they offer AA handbooks as coasters at this bar? Did you also try to steal a Police officers horse?

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"No ocifer I'm not drunking drive,*hiccup*"

Oh mu gad! Wheres MrMisfit? This FML is his calling. We need a misfit here, and his comments

66- no. Thats the last thing the internet needs....

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That's a dick move. The idea of him wanting to celebrate is nice, but I feel like he did that on purpose