By Anonymous - United States
Today, at Arby's, there were two cute guys behind me in line. Right before ordering, my dad said loudly "Go get the calorie sheet. You need to lose more weight before you think about going after those guys." FML
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  skorpien  |  1

33, and you should! How dare people from other countries spell words differently than the United States! That's just downright appalling!

Both of those posters you claim to take offense to are from Australia. They spell words like they do in England… where, oddly enough, is where English originated. Americans aren't the only ones that use FML.

  Trace01m  |  11

You're right, but being fairly new to the site I haven't quite grasped the slight differences like that.

And I don't really pay attention to where anyone is from.

Because I'm am asshole.

  brootalxkeni  |  0

yeah, people do care, actually. we go to school and learn to spell the right way. if you spell wrong (especially when done on purpose), you look like an idiot.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

This is what parents do; embarrass their kids at any chance they get. Besides, if the guys got put off by his words then you don't want them anyway. And you know how much you weigh and if you're happy with it, then let it be and just laugh it off.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

...I think someone opened the door again. :P
But really, why does it matter? Everyone else uses the site in their own way, why not let me have mine? And as I've said many times before, I'm not always serious.