By wtfson - 13/12/2010 07:35

Today, I was driving my family home, when my 7 year old son had to pee. Having long since passed any rest stops, I made him use a bottle. Once he was done, he grenaded the bottle out the window, hitting someone's windshield dead on. FML
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wtfson tells us more.

To everyone asking, how could I have possibly prepared for this? I can't just teach my son not to through pee bottles and other things out the window. That will give him ideas... But rest assured, no more "grenades" will be tossed :)

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perdix 29

I'll bet the other driver was pissed!


I hope he yelled "frag out" before he threw it. I'm going to start using the word grenaded alot more from now on.

RedJester23 6

it's always better to be pissed off than pissed on :/

OP, I love the user name that you put on this FML. I just hope you don't actually say that to your son. :)

sugarr0babby0 0

:) 32's a win. I would feel bad for the person who got hit with the pee bomb! Unless they chewed you out after...

iSitt 0

did they see a double rainbow ?

18,32, & 84 win, and everyone look at the username of the OP ;D

This is not an FML... This is something to be proud of!

Yep. Stop on the freeway and get a ticket or possibly get hit. You're smart :)

lilmisslovely13 15

121- based on your picture... i got it!!

Haha that's pretty funny, you taught him well ;)

should teach him to piss on the side of the road lole a normal guy. . . bottles are for bad traffic jams.

did he scream "blaka! blaka! blaka!" when he did it?

Wait, so you let him pee in a bottle in the car? Disgusting. And then you throw the bottle out the car? Illegal dumping. YDI.

it's okay the kid was singing "blood in the water" by dave matthews band when he did it.

ShadyFTW1 0

Yes, and letting him piss on the seats would have been much less disgusting. Also, it said the child threw the damn bottle. Can't you read?

Would have been better to pull over and have the kid pee in a bush or behind a tree or something.

What difference does it make? Maybe they wereon a highway or in a hurry. I don't see what's wrong with this other than the littering..

i agree with 40. i thought the bottle thing was just for redneck truckers.

azhein 0

Well I'm thinking they were on the interstate because that is the only place I have seen rest stops. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to pull on the side to take a piss. Then again it's also illegal to throw a bottle out your window.

if it's illegal then there are a lot of criminal hunters and campers out there.

azhein 0

I said they were on the interstate. it says they passed the last rest stop so the only place to pull off is on shoulder. I don't know anyone who camps on the shoulder of the interstate.

That's not what he meant. Hunters piss where ever they please. I was hunting when this was posted, and I pissed multiple times in bushes /trees. We got two mulies, though.

Some people read the FML post before they comment on it. And we encourage that.

I vote YDI for not teaching your child not to litter and also not having the window lock on. I hope it didnt break the windshield or you just bought someone a new windshield.

labudamike 6

y the hell would the window be on lock

lotuspod 0

it could of been a manual window not automatic you know they still make them