By wtfson
Today, I was driving my family home, when my 7 year old son had to pee. Having long since passed any rest stops, I made him use a bottle. Once he was done, he grenaded the bottle out the window, hitting someone's windshield dead on. FML
wtfson tells us more :
To everyone asking, how could I have possibly prepared for this? I can't just teach my son not to through pee bottles and other things out the window. That will give him ideas... But rest assured, no more "grenades" will be tossed :)
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  azhein  |  0

Well I'm thinking they were on the interstate because that is the only place I have seen rest stops. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to pull on the side to take a piss. Then again it's also illegal to throw a bottle out your window.

  azhein  |  0

I said they were on the interstate. it says they passed the last rest stop so the only place to pull off is on shoulder. I don't know anyone who camps on the shoulder of the interstate.

  Bradley_Dillon  |  39

That's not what he meant. Hunters piss where ever they please. I was hunting when this was posted, and I pissed multiple times in bushes /trees. We got two mulies, though.

By  bekah22587  |  0

I vote YDI for not teaching your child not to litter and also not having the window lock on. I hope it didnt break the windshield or you just bought someone a new windshield.