By fordn4h - United States
Today, my ex-girlfriend, who is obviously still in love with me, is best friends with my mom. Now every time I come home, she is over. She even spent 4 hours helping us decorate our Christmas tree, and now she is telling my little sister about our love life. FML
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By  Patrick69_fml  |  0

yeah I think you and him and your mother should "talk" it out on a bed if you know what i'm getting at here maybe that will relieve the frustration... I mean it's nit his fault that your mothers more attractive then you lol jks dump him and first

  brianjman14  |  22

1. The ex is a girl.
2. "Not" isn't spelled "nit."
3. You're not first.

OP, she's obviously just doing this to try and get with you and make you feel uncomfortable even in your own home. She doesn't have any right to make you uncomfortable, but you have every right to tell her to back the fuck off. Make her leave whenever she's over, OP.

  mintcar  |  9

4. Than not then.
[ Insert punctuation where needed.]
I'll leave the rest to the grammar crazies. I'm in class.

OP, FYL. Talk to your mother about how uncomfortable she makes you feel.
She's being almost psycho here. it's time for her to let you go.

  Patrick69_fml  |  0

this was about the thread including the boyfriend and the pictures of his "knob" being sent to the girlfriends mother etc I wouldve been first on that friend but #28 you can correct me anytime if you know what I mean ;)