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Today, I finally decided to tell my mother, a former Miss North Carolina winner, that I was several weeks pregnant. She immediately burst into tears and hugged me. She kept saying, "Thank god, thank god." At first I was relieved. Then she said, "I thought you were just getting fat." FML
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muffinsareyummy 1

well at least she's supportive.

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If she was so worried about you getting fat, then she's gonna be in for a rude awakening after the baby pops out. Baby fat.


muffinsareyummy 1

well at least she's supportive.

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WOW PMS dude. chill ur ****. ya no shit this is fake but theres no need to go all ape shit about it.

He is an obvious troll. He has commented in such a fashion to every entry. He also badly needs a life.

Supportive? Meh. I wouldnt call that support. And.... I didn't think you would show at 3 weeks anyway.

lollipops321 0

how do you know for sure that its fake??

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is it just me or does this lol guy keep posting bullshit comments on every fml??

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Your mom is unbelievable. She's concerned more about your weight than whether you get pregnant or not? I am so sorry.

glutgyoogle 6

I don't understand the relevance of the Miss north Carolina thing...?

Ultimate beauty pageant contestant. Most likely, she wants her daughter to be skinny.

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Ahahaha i'm just gonna type something no one cares about here so I can say 3rd! I hate those people.

HOW IS THIS AN FML???????????????????????????

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how is this an fml! who cares! what am i? 4th? yay!

Your mother should never have bred. She's more concerned that you're getting fat than you being pregnant? **** HER life for being such a dimwit. Not surprised she won a beauty contest. Also... **** your life if you're now a pregnant teen. Hope you're at least a half-wit.

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RR05 0

haha timtam24, your a ******* retard

What would be wrong if she was a teenager? A couple of decades late teens was when most women started their families, and there are plenty of great teen parents out there with good lives. You're kind of a dick oni.

Yeah, but they were usually married by then and had a chance of actually, I don't know, SUPPORTING the kid without having to go on welfare.

I don't know any teen parents on welfare. I worked my holidays as the tech guy at our welfare center when I was still studying, and the vast majority of parents coming in to claim welfare were adults.

I used to be super against teen mothers, and I still don't advocate it... but all of the teen mom's that I know, including my friend who had two kids by age 18 (same father, if you're curious), they've all been really great mothers, and manage quite well, without welfare, to take care of their kids. Sure, their parents probably help out, but most of them are single parents, or at least broken up from the father, and could rely on hand outs from the government, and don't... but instead, work hard and take care of their kids, and do a great job of it.

Wow. And they can afford the daycare and medical costs all on their own, eh? That's fantastic. What kind of jobs do they have?

I have two close friends who are/were young teen mums. One is with the father and they both work at an internet cafe, taking turns at doing the night shifts so one of them is always home to spend all day with their kid, and the other is on her own waitressing in the evenings while she finishes her law degree, and the government subsidizes her child care costs. And I know a lot more people from school who had kids young and are doing a great job bringing up their kids. Look up the statistics for your countries child welfare payouts, and you'll find the majority of payments go to adult parents, not teens, so I think you should take your biased, unfounded and offensive stereotyping of young parents elsewhere thanks.

So if the gov't is subsidizing her childcare, then how is she doing it OMG all by herself? BTW--I'm not a fan of adults having kids they can't ******* afford, either, so shove your assumptions up your sandy little asshole.

RRO5, "YOUR a ******* retard"? ironic.

I think you'll find most working parents receive some childcare subsidy when they have children, and certainly the vast majority of students. Subsidized child care doesn't mean it's entirely paid for, you know that right? It means some of it is paid for by the government to support it's students, or encourage low income parents to working, or in her case, both. If you think that means someone isn't doing it all on their own, I think you could disqualify at least 95% of the population as having done it all by themselves for having received a subsidy or tax reduction for some circumstance at some point in their life. I don't really give a shit if you think you're entitled to judge who should and shouldn't just because you also think some adults shouldn't be allowed kids in your opinion either. The point is, a lot teen parents support themselves just fine and your biased stereotyping is stupid and offensive to a lot of people who probably do a lot better in life than you.

hahaha good call FmyLinNY !! I noticed it as a I read the comment, and then I kept reading and saw yours!

scorpioserpent 1

well if the government has to pay any of it, obviously they are not financially responsible and should not have kids. I'm a college student paying for it myself, and I know I would not have the time or money to spare on children :/

Perhaps you shouldn't be paying for it, if you're a college student who obviously has no idea what the word subsidy means you idiot. As I said, she works nights, and studies. If you don't think you could support yourself with a kid, fine, good for you, but that doesn't actually mean everyone is as incapable as you are.

thyaftermath 0

I vote this. For me , one of the most ****** up stories on this site. If it's real. Even if her mom wasn't in the pagent, it is still VERY ****** up.

Crunchy_fml 0

okay mobius8 you can sit down now.

G6chick 0

Idc who u r or y ur acting the way u r, but u should realize that u sound quite mean...

LauraAurora 0

If she was so worried about you getting fat, then she's gonna be in for a rude awakening after the baby pops out. Baby fat.

voveraite 7

Yes, but that goes away in a couple months. Plus, non-exaggerated food intake during pregnancy can prevent having too much to lose :)

Thats ok if she has some fat on after giving birth. She can always take up smoking Meth.. that's an easy way to drop the weight... heck the OP's mom would probably even buy it for her.

That's so hilarious. At least she wasn't mad at you?

I fail to see why you needed to mention she was a former Miss North Carolina winner.

zee209 0

Because she was worried about her daughters image, which is why she was happy she was pregnant and not getting fat.

mylifestoryy 6

Thanks for saying that lol cause I was gonna x)...

your life is fooked, but not that much, at least you don't have the same values as your mother. having a bad example is the next best thing to having a good example, as long as you know the example is bad.

hmm what year?

I hate those Miss -insert state- them, anyone over 100 lbs is a fatass.

Aye, ******* shallow plastic people. Unintelligent? Good looking? Not to worry then, you'll always have a career as a professional dumba- I mean... model.

-.- So sterotypical. Do you have any idea how hard the modeling industry is? You have to not only look good, but be quick on your feet. Sure, the OP's mom may be stupid, but don't assume that all models are like that.

Yes, yes, I'm sure it's very hard. I mean doctors? Pfft, how long do THEY have to spend on their makeup in the morning? ... Firefighters? Let's see THEM walk in heels.

Even if it is tough, I fail to see where the 'benefit to society' is. So I still have a tough time seeing it as a real/decent job.

jasmine1259 2

shut up simon you have no idea what it's like so go **** off. and 46 there's a lot of jobs that don't "benefit society". what about all the athletes and actors in the world. what do they REALLY do that helps people? so just because they're not teachers or doctors, modeling is still considered a real job.

daydreambeliever 0

I model from time to time to help pay for university. I don't like it much, and some people fit the stereotype. I get stereotyped as well, which I find offensive as I am going to grad school soon. So I think its best to judge everyone on a case by case basis after getting to know them and not just by the cover or by the occupation.

The modeling industry is hard? Wow, seriously? Performing heart surgery is hard. Programming computers is hard. Conducting research is hard. Working in a factory is hard. Putting on makeup and walking down a catwalk is NOT hard. And yes, I do have the right to stereotype. When 95% of the people in a certain group fit a certain stereotype, then I WILL consider anyone from that group adhering to that stereotype unless I actually know otherwise. It's not wrong to stereotype, it's wrong to falsely stereotype. There's a reason models are stupid. It's because if they were any smarter they would get a real job.

some models make seriously huge amounts of money. do you think it would be smart of them to quit and take a "real job" that would probably pay less and, according to you, would also be far more difficult than modelling?

lalaimbored 0

Unless youve actually TRIED modeliing, I dont think you have any room to talk. Modeling is more than just putting on makeup and walking down a runway, theres a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. and not allll models are stupid! You think just because you made upp that excuse, that its okay to stereotype? FYI its not. Looks can be verrrry decieving.

You're right not all models are stupid, most of them are :)

cbark13 0

Why are you trying to compar jobs? Yeah some jobs are harder then others but that doesn't mean you should be looking down on models. Your probably just some ugly, lonely person who is out of a job