By MH. - 24/01/2014 12:36 - Norway - Sandnes

Today, my mom took a picture of me. All she could say about the picture was, "At least your sister is pretty." FML
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Anyone else see that she said 5ml instead FML?

Honestly, there are just some people who take horrible pictures. It doesn't mean you look horrible outside if those pictures. Chin up. :)


juststephhere 23

Awweee at least you aren't twins though!

If they were identical twins then the sister being pretty would also make OP pretty.

Not all identical twins look alike. There is such a things as the "prettier/cuter twin". Ex: Zack & Cody. Though I doubt it applies to this 5ML

#49 if twins aren't identical then they'd be fraternal...

Yes, 54 but even identical twins have slightly different features that can make one more appealing over the other. I have identical twins in my family and I can tell them apart by tiny details such as a mole or a few pounds difference to name a few. (:

My fiancé and is brother are identical twins. My brother in law has major acne and is thinner than my fiancé who works out regularly and has a slightly wider build. Just being identical doesn't make them both automatically attractive. Certain features aren't genetic and may be seen as unattractive.

Didn't think that comment through huh.

We all have bad baby pictures, assuming it was one...

You're assuming OP posted this as a baby? You do know it says "today" don't you?

Edit; Congratulations changing your comment from SWAG YOLO to this, now my previous comment is 100% invalid.

I'm pretty certain it wasn't a baby picture, but you do know that a lot of published FMLs have occurred in the past, don't you, Pleonasm? The "today" is required regardless.

No shit. But what "today" DOES mean, is that it was sometime recent enough to exclude it being when they were a baby.

No one is going to post " 18 years ago when I was a baby......blah-blah"

Exactly. They would post "today my mom found a picture of me she had taken when I was a baby." What you did was take an FML dealing solely in the one past tense- the photo being taken and then the remark being made happening at the same time- and turned it into an FML dealing in two different past tenses. You're assuming that OP actually meant that these two events happened at two different times, when there is no logic behind that at all.

I guess we know who's the favorite. I'm sorry OP

Favoritism always hurts though, my condolenses.

samquenda 8

She could still be the favourite, her mum just said her sister was prettier

Not true. My brother and I know that our sister is our mom's favorite.

Honestly, there are just some people who take horrible pictures. It doesn't mean you look horrible outside if those pictures. Chin up. :)

Yeah it could be the camera's fault! Just think of it like a sunset. It could be the most beautiful sunset in the world but a picture of it would never be able to look even half as amazing. So OP is just like a sunset. :)

saraitkddh 47

sorry that was mean from her, don't worry OP I am sure you are beautiful in your own way :)

Just say you were unlucky and got your mothers genes.

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idk.. Third degree burns can be dangerous.