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Today, my wife said she was going to her friend's place to help her with couponing. She started getting ready at 5pm; shaved her legs, did her hair, put on skin-tight leggings and a low-cut top. Left at 6pm, snuck back in at 2:50am. Shit, couponing must be really exciting. FML
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Why wouldn't she just say shes going out for the night? Because you seem old enough to know whats goin on...

It's bad that she's sneaking back in wearing those clothes, it's worse when her excuse is couponing


Why wouldn't she just say shes going out for the night? Because you seem old enough to know whats goin on...

ColonelCusswords 24

Probably because she's ******* someone?

I wouldn't surprised if her husband gave her a goddamn curfew after he got worked up about her shaving her legs and wearing leggings.

62 it doesnt always mean that shes having an affair my mom still goes on nights out and shes married, although in this case id seem a little suspicious because her choice in clothing...

id say the lying is a bigger issue than the clothes

tounces7 27

It's not very likely she would feel the need to hide it, unless she was having an affair.

You should talk to her OP and call her out on it. But seriously though, she seems like a lying bitch and you should kick her to the curb. I'm so sorry, FYL.

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"You should talk to her" - literally the first words of 3's comment. Slow down with the lecture.

Quite frankly I did say that OP should talk to her, as you apparently didn't read my whole comment. But what I meant is if she denies it all and it happens again she's not worth to keep.

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Cheating is inexcusable. OP should have a talk with her. The next time she goes "couponing", OP packs up her shit, changes the locks, and waits for her to try to sneak back in. Then her can inform her that she doesn't live there anymore.

It's bad that she's sneaking back in wearing those clothes, it's worse when her excuse is couponing

Weird, but couponing must be hella fun!

You should definitely have a talk with her, Op. It is always better to ask than assume, even when all signs point to what you've assumed.

Place yer bets, here! 10:1 against for not being what OP thinks it is!

Big_D_Real 12

Do you think she will be honest? I'll bet if OP asks her, she gets really angry and denies everything.

Malsain_fml 10

#6 Agreed. Some times things are not what you may think they are at first. #77 We don't know her, how can we affirm if she is lying or not only from reading a 3 lines FML from an another point of viw?

Definitely FYL. I wouldn't jump to her cheating though. It sounds like she wanted to look and feel sexy so guys would hit on her and give her attention at a club/party. She could be feeling like she's missing something in the relationship but isn't being an adult about it. Either way, there's something up and she needs to talk to you about it instead of sneaking around. You can't fix a problem if you aren't even aware it's there.

Women aren't allowed to look good for themselves, then? Regardless of what she was doing, she should be allowed to wear what she wants.

#20 I agree, women are allowed to wear whatever they want, and they can absolutely look good just for themselves. However, the issue the OP is complaining about here is not the fact that his wife dressed up, it's that she was pretty clearly lying. If you're just couponing, you don't usually sneak into your own house at almost 3am. Also, I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm casually hanging out with my friend, like she said she was, I dress in comfortable, casual clothing, not clubbing attire.

ABlindMan 17

Yeah, damned if she's not going to look her absolute finest to go "couponing" and sneak back in the house after being gone for almost 9 hours. How dare anyone put her down for trying to look good while blatantly lying to her husband. Have you no decency people?

Agreed on the double standard - in fact it seems that society in general has a double standard in many areas. Often these double standards are promoted by extreme "feminists" who want to make it seem like women are perfect and men are evil and need to be killed (Before someone murders me, I actually am a feminist male, as I believe we need equality, but people who claim to be feminists and try to push female promoting <as in unequal in favor of women> agendas irritate me to great extent)

Yeah, except I was replying solely to the comments on the person I commented under. Did you not read their comment? I understand the concept of lying and how it's a bad thing :/ that wasn't what I was referring to and I hadn't even given my opinion on that so please only respond to what I actually said, thank you.

Maybe he doesn't make her life exciting enough? I know you usually side with the OP but we don't know why she went out like that.

The mature thing to do would be talking to the OP about it, rather than lying about what she's really up to. *If* OP really is at fault then he has to know, he can't fix something without knowing what's wrong and I doubt OP can read minds.

I hate when people try to blame the other person for not magically doing what they want without being told. If he isn't being exciting enough, she should be an adult and say specifically what she wants, not try to seek pleasure elsewhere.

saddadnmke 10

Maybe she's a cheating gutter ho. How can you blame op. There is no reason to cheat on your spouse and even suggesting that he is to blame is low class. Sorry that this happened to you op.

Most reasonable couples actually talk about their problems, not sneak around...

cheesy_wotsit 20

Couponing first, party after?

Shit bro, you should talk to her before making any assumption.