By Anonymous - 28/02/2014 21:10 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, frustrated that my boyfriend never gives me any orgasms when we make love, I tried politely hinting that he needs to improve. To start with, I said maybe he should be more spontaneous in bed. He replied, "What, like putting it in your ass? Gotcha." Great. FML
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Ouch. Maybe be a little more clear on what you mean by "spontaneous".


Seems like he understands as much as a Nokia can break.

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Ouch. Maybe be a little more clear on what you mean by "spontaneous".

Maybe beating around the bush wasn't the best approach. Next time you're in the sack, give him a little guidance, & encouragement when he's doing something that'll get you there. :)

be more clear, if that doest work, take over, and really do it up! let him know what it should be/sound/look like when you finally get there.

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Guys don't take polite hints tell him flat out he don't get off until you do.

I'll agree we don't do hints. But being cold won't either. How bout this, she tells him what she likes? That way he knows. And they both win.

Hey, at least he is switching it up. Give it a chance!

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Anal sex is extremely painful. Trust me, I know from experience. Just kidding, or am I....

If anal sex is painful then you're doing something wrong. It is not supposed to hurt.

If there's ANY pain at all, you're doing it very very wrong - optimally, there shouldn't even be any discomfort. That's why you need to be able to trust the person doing anything like that to you, and you need to be sure about that he/she knows the theory, which means you need to know the theory too. And, of course, you need to be into it. Otherwise, you're kinda gambling on it.

Don't hint. Some guys are bad with hints. and they're not mind readers. Try telling him exactly what turns you on and don't forget positive reinforcement when he does something that really gets you going.

i agree with ya #6. some guys are so oblivious to signs and hints. i know my boyfriend is. lol

So basically you're saying give him a treat when he does something good. This makes guys sound like wait...

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never know till you try it:P

not only guys are oblivious to hints. I miss them all the time

All these years I thought they were mind readers :/

or more like we ignore the hints , we want the girls to tell us which kinds of things they like most and dislike.

Don't hint. Let him know his dick game is weak.

#58; The truth hurts. Hopefully it's incentive enough for him to step up his "dick game".

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Tell him exactly what you want. Not hinting at what you want, communication is key.

"Communication is the key" - agree. It sounds like OP is in this situation in the first place because she's not very good at communicating her wishes

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I agree with everyone else. How can you expect anyone to do what you like unless you're explicit. People are not mind readers. Or better yet, show him what you like.

Not sure if this is what you intended, but i just pictured OP with a strap on like, "This is what i want you to do to me."

Yeah. No #25. I meant guide his hands where you want them, be vocal about what feels the best. Things like that.