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Today, as I was filling out divorce paperwork, I realized that my son has had the same girlfriend through both of my marriages. He's 17. FML
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Good for him for being able to stay in better relationships then you.

how many times u plan on getting married. damn


how many times u plan on getting married. damn

until my green card is approved... oh you mean op? yeah who knows.

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lol 65 my friend's mom did that.

getting married twice isn't a lot. maybe the third time is, though.

DeadxManxWalking 27

you know what they say: "Third times the charm"

tjv3 10

two different husbands same end result? the single common factor is you...hmm

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pretty sure marriage is supposed to be a one time deal. for better or worse is some sort of vow or something? or am i just old fashioned.

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naw, you just old fashion.

pcentral 17

Haha and people are against gay marriage why, exactly??? :s

Excellent point

Good for him for being able to stay in better relationships then you.

that's cuz he don't live with her, bet they won't last if they did (I'm referring to the son and gf)

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Then and than have distinctive meanings. Just saying.

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I wonder how many times OP told her son he is too young to know what love is

wait, the invisible girlfriend or the one that is never there?

just shut the fuck up

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agree^^ stay on topic dipshit

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lmaooo wat the hell is only makin a joke.. so y don't yu shut the fuk up n take a chil pill

do you speak the way you type? ignorant bitch.

or cover up your tits. (: and yes, learn proper English.

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165 - Learn2English.


well you need to take advice from your son !

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well said^ lol


thank you :)

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ur welcome

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I agree wit u she should some pointers

 just felt like I should add something...

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patty is choppin

ppatty 0

choppin?? lol

choppin it up wit the hot blonde basically just means talkin

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nah it's like tryin to get in bet wit her

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wow lol Alrity then. but I'm just really bored

I thought the point was that he is getting through wives fast

What I can glean through context in this post is that you probably wait all of one year to get married and when that didn't work the first time, you did the same thing again. You're obviously a genius. Take a lesson from your son.

Or he was married for, let's say, 15 years, divorced, and remarried a year after that, whilst the boyfriend had his girlfriend on the age of 14, till now (rare, but they exist.) Then it would be just one quick marriage. We can only guess, but whatever the case might be, it's always a good idea to wait a couple of years before marriage. I also have the feeling that OP waited only one year, and boy, that's short.

marriages can be quick. OP probably was married, cheated, divorced, married the person they cheated with... and then was surprised when that didn't work out... because you know it was a relationship based on honesty! lol.

take notes learn from the master

The son having a longer relationship then his mother doesn't necessarily mean that his relationship has been long

It was still longER

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That's what you get for rushing into marriages. Why don't people stop and think before marrying the first moron that walks by. You sound like trailer trash.

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so? at least hes able to keep a relationship and isnt following your example (or your ex husbands). he could be going through girls like a homeless person goes through garbage.

that was op's point, dipshit.

No... That wasn't OP's point... OP's point was to convey how pathetic it was that his/her son could hold down a steady relationship longer than the OP him/herself.