By ribx - 17/11/2016 11:24 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, despite feeling healthier than ever, losing fat, gaining muscle and having perfect blood results, my morbidly obese relatives keep telling me that my new vegan diet is "unhealthy". FML
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I'm about as far from vegan as is possible, and I'm 100% on your side. If it works for you, it works for you. End of discussion. Ignore them, eat your soy, and enjoy your health.

It's their lives that suck. Way to be healthy!


It's their lives that suck. Way to be healthy!

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You ought to ignore them an deep doing what you are.

I'm about as far from vegan as is possible, and I'm 100% on your side. If it works for you, it works for you. End of discussion. Ignore them, eat your soy, and enjoy your health.

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come on now. they're vegan. so they can't do that.

Your relatives are being pretty hypocritical, they have no leg to stand on with criticizing you. Tell them you're healthier than ever, and unless they're your doctor, they don't get to comment or pass judgement on your habits or health.

My family are the same, my parents are morbidly obese and my siblings are obese, and they all judge me and sabotage my diet when I'm trying to eat better and go to the gym more. And then it's "you spend so much time at the gym why are you not stick thin yet?" as if I can lose a dress size in a week, if it was that easy then why aren't they doing it too >.>

I'd say Fyl too #33 it's one thing to judge, but another entirely to sabotage! I'm sorry your family treats you so poorly even though you're just trying to be happy and healthy.

How do they sabotage your diet? I'm sorry they're such pains.

If they try to tell you this again, just say "At least I won't need to order an XXXXL coffin in 10 years".

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It is unhealthy to be vegan. Humans are omnivorous. Meat and animal parts provide nutrients that can't be found in a vegan diet. Period!

Being omnivores means we evolved to have a lot of flexibility in what we can eat. That's not the same as saying we HAVE to eat meat or other animal products to be healthy. I'm not even vegetarian, let alone vegan, but as far as I've seen, many vegans thrive.

Haha careful, you're going to rally the vegans against you. (Though, I agree that vegan diets are not adequate for us omnivores).

You're so right! That's why I'm wasting away after being veg for 16 years. I'm practically dying! (Sarcasm)

I've been vegan for well over 14 years, and I'm still alive. I could be healthier (there's just way too much vegan junk food out there, ha ha), but I'm working on it.

The only nutrient found in meat not *typically* found in a vegan diet is Vitamin B12. I personally supplement this, as do you, because modern factory-farmed cows are also supplemented with it.

Besides, humans aren't biological omnivores, and there's nothing that demonstrates that we are, we're slow and bipedal, we have flat, dull claws, flat, dull teeth, we have awful night vision, we have very long intestines, we chew our food thoroughly, our mouth opening is smaller than our head, need I go on?

Having to take supplements to be able to sustain such a diet, should be a pointer to you, that it may not be the best decision to go vegan. It's ok to eat animal products and meat, but in measure and with conscience. And to protect your health I recommend you stay away from soy products unless certified organic. No other plant on earth is produced using more pesticides and in larger monoculture. Not even corn.

For some people, "with conscience" can't include any animal products, because of the way animals are treated or killed (taking calves from cows so we can have the milk or killing day old male chicks because we only need the egg layers). If taking a few supplements, or taking the time and effort to plan their vegan diet very carefully to get as many nutrients as possible, let's them eat in good conscience, then so be it. Many vegans do very well.

#9, I hate to point it out to you (though not really), but there are many people with omnivorous diets that should be, or already are, taking supplements. Basing the nutritional value of a diet based on the need of a supplement isn't really a valid form of criticism.

I've never had to take any supplements as a vegan I get all my nutrients vitamins from what I eat and drink so I'm not exactly sure what the **** you're talking about

Well, if y'all aren't going to listen to the conscious meat consumption part, at least listen to the soy part! I'm actually working on not buying meat products from the supermarket at all any more. I want to reduce it, to eat only what I kill myself or if I know the person who's doing the raising and slaughtering personally. Because I also do not want the animals to be raised in minimal space with huge amounts of antibiotics and then transported for several hours, only to be killed in a factory under high stress.

Well, maybe the rate at which you loss weight was unhealthy??? Maybe? If you lost weight at a healthy rate, then they just need to have their brains checked.