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Today, I finally got an interview at a restaurant after looking for a job for three months. I dressed nice, and the interview was going well until this blonde girl in booty shorts and fishnets walked in. The manager hired her on the spot. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

One thing I learned today is that it's always best to dress for the job, not one dress level higher than it. If you're trying out for a job in retail, buy clothing from the same store and wear what you buy to the interview. If you're trying out to be a waitress, wear the blonde did since that's what people might expect out of a waitress from that restaurant. Make observations about what people who work there are wearing and wear something similar.

By  jonny2x4  |  0

YDI for not taking the low road.

BTW, Hooters is rather tame. I still don't get these people who bash Hooters as pornographic. It's just attractive women in tank tops and hot pants with pantyhose underneath. Totally harmless eyecandy, that's all. On a side note, their chicken wings are overrated and greasy.