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Today, I finally got an interview at a restaurant after looking for a job for three months. I dressed nice, and the interview was going well until this blonde girl in booty shorts and fishnets walked in. The manager hired her on the spot. FML
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Sun_Kissed18 25

Ugh! People like that disgust me, both the girl and the manager!

Next time, try somewhere besides Hooters.


Sun_Kissed18 25

Ugh! People like that disgust me, both the girl and the manager!

Well, she's gotta do what she's gotta do to get a "leg up" on the competition.

I hope to God you are just using "literally" figuratively. That was quite macabre.

Glad you went back and changed it, but now my comment makes no sense :-P

Reyo 2

One thing I learned today is that it's always best to dress for the job, not one dress level higher than it. If you're trying out for a job in retail, buy clothing from the same store and wear what you buy to the interview. If you're trying out to be a waitress, wear the blonde did since that's what people might expect out of a waitress from that restaurant. Make observations about what people who work there are wearing and wear something similar.

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ThatLSUFan 4

I never knew snooki was a waitress?

ydi for not dressing like a ****....sarcasm. that sucks, but at least now you know how to make it in the world..

They blonde girl and the manager will probably be too busy ******* each other already.

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gracieroxursox 3

I'm sorry if you were kidding, but I really hate it when people come up with bullshit reasons to say ydi

conartist66 0

FYL for saying that how she dressed matted all that much, maybe she had a degree or a better one that you,

A degree? What degree do you need to waitress?

Seriously, conartist66! What planet are you from??? OP, you probably don't want to work there anyway if that's how the business is run there.

YDI for not taking the low road. BTW, Hooters is rather tame. I still don't get these people who bash Hooters as pornographic. It's just attractive women in tank tops and hot pants with pantyhose underneath. Totally harmless eyecandy, that's all. On a side note, their chicken wings are overrated and greasy.

um fishnets is a type of panty hose and they do wear short shorts... how do you not get the connection here?