By Tottie - United States
Today, by request from my new boss, I came into work over an hour early to finish some backed-up filing. This seemed like a great opportunity to earn some extra overtime pay. After spending an hour and half filing, I realized I hadn't clocked in for the day. FML
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  easylazy  |  0

Heehee this reminds me of that movie "Employee of the Month" where they race to be the first to clock in and stuff

Wow Dane Cook is 10x funnier than this FML

  Panicattackx5  |  0

No. Being ignorant of your surroundings would be the CEO and several customers watching as you pick your nose and make their sandwich.

Being forgetful is forgetting to clock in.

YDI but Ive been there too, so I know ow you feel. At least my boss was cool enough to enter in the time I worked for me

  DizzyDemon0  |  9

I agree with #3...this should not even have been posted as an FML...fuck all of you who passed this and not my attempts to get in here.

You can easily fix your time sheet and get paid for the work. quit with the drama.