By ishouldhavebeenbornrich - 14/09/2016 16:28

Today, at work, a man wanted to buy a garden hose which came up on the till as £1.99. He said that it was wrong and that it should be £1.89, so he then demanded that I called someone down to set it right. He held 20 customers up for 15 minutes to get 10p off a garden hose. FML
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Is it just me or does £1.89 seem incredibly cheap for a garden hose?

I take it you've never worked retail.


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It's worth slightly more than ten American cents.

It is worth around 11-13 cents in us. Basically what you can find on the sidewalk

I can't even buy gum with that

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sounds like my dad

Doesn't matter if you're American people, I am as well, it's still a pittance.

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If it was something as small as 10 p, then I would have just paid the extra money and then leave. I'm sure the twenty other people in line, as well as myself, have better things to do then wait 15 minutes for something so small.

I take it you've never worked retail.

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You've clearly never worked retail. Why would I believe the customer. Most of them don't bother to read the actual price tag or pic up a 10$ item from the 5$ item's spot then expect us to adjust that price for them. Or they see a buy one get one 50% off sale and think the high ticket item is going to be 50% off when in reality the cheaper product gets the discount. No im sorry customers plain out lie 95 percent of the time.

You're the kind of person that makes the world a darker place with your existence

I bet if the customers had known what the hold up was, they would've given him 10 cents just to get him out of there so they could buy there stuff and go on with their day.

#33 Giving him ten cents wouldn't be very useful, since we don't accept cents in the UK.

Supposing the customer was right about what the price is supposed to be (say, if the tag said what the customer claims, and the system is ringing it up wrong), which isn't out of the question, 5 is right. Doesn't matter that some customers lie or make a big deal out of nothing; that's irrelevant when a customer rightfully asks for a price as advertised.

Agreed 5. The store chose to hold it up.

Is it just me or does £1.89 seem incredibly cheap for a garden hose?

Yeah, I noticed that also. I'd gladly pay £1.99 for a garden hose.

Me too. Unless the posted price was 1.89 :D

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Must be a really short hose.

If he's making (at least) minimum wage in the UK and is over 24, he just put in 15 minutes of work to save the amount he earns every 50 seconds (or less). So it took him 18x longer to "save" that 10p than to make it. Does he not value his time?!?!

It's a matter of principle. Assuming he was right (it's hard to tell from the FML), it's the store which made a mistake. The store possibly lost money because of the time they had to spend dealing with that single customer. They deserve to lose that money if they try to trick customers like that, even if it's for a mere 10 cents. And finally... Is time spent on FML really better spent than time arguing with a cashier? People can do whatever the hell they want in their free time.

People like that are usually obnoxious in every way. And probably is just an a**hole to hold people up for that amount.

Don't you mean assHOSE?

Customers can be such HOSE.

Why I hate dealing with customers.

He just didn't want to get hosed!