By hell - 14/11/2015 21:08 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I got called into work on my day off. I ended up being written up for being 15 minutes late to a shift I didn't even have. FML
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Clearly you were supposed to be waiting outside your workplace all day. YDI.

Your boss is an asshole and an idiot. Fyl op.


Clearly you were supposed to be waiting outside your workplace all day. YDI.

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It really just kills it when you state that you are being facetious...

Your boss is an asshole and an idiot. Fyl op.

No, he's not. He's a stupid asshole and a ******* idiot.

I honestly think that would be something you'd bring up with HR to straighten out and *hopefully* have a boss who realized he made a mistake.

Call someone higher up to at least get you another personal day.

Sometimes I really wish bosses get a taste of their own medicine. Fyl op, hopefully you can sort this out.

I thought a day off means you don't answer work related calls?

Not in all workplaces #5. Most require you to be on call and available even on days off in case they have an emergency need of you to come back in.

With the incompetence of the people that you work with...i would look for another job.

Ungrateful bastards

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How was this at all OP's fault..?

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Because they were told to come in at a certain time and they were late? Even if it wasn't their original shift they should still make it on time.

If the boss called OP at 7:30 am and told OP to be there at 8:00 am, I think OP can be forgiven for being late. If you're called into work last minute, especially if you're still in bed or not ready, then it takes some time to get ready. If the boss called at 7:30 am wanting OP to come in at 4:00 pm, that's a little different.

Ya, it totally depends on how much notice op got before coming in. If op had a few hours notice and still came in late, than theres no real reason for it. But at the same time I still see why op is upset because he wasn't planning on coming in and maybe he hit traffic or something. Sounds like the boss could've given him some leniency on this issue and just be thankful op was able to come in at all.

That's not possible most of the time unless they give a huge notice. I live an hour away from town. If I got called in to be there in 30 min. And I wasn't ready, I would be about an hour and half late giving myself 30 min to get ready and the kids set.

I think it's a great idea to give human resources a call. Goodluck OP.

Your boss is awesome, he needs a vocation. To paris.

Definitely too soon...

Given how bad the boss is, I'd say a new /vocation/ is in order. As for a /vacation/, I'd probably go somewhere that isn't the recent victim of terrorism—unless that's the joke. But you wouldn't joke about that, right, #10? Right?!

corky1992 33

That is an extremely insensitive comment. Seriously? What's wrong with you?


0to100rq 6

Wow #10, you really bombed that joke.

I hear that Paris is lovely this time of year.