By Kenny - Nigeria - Lagos
Today, I noticed my laptop kept shutting down and the mouse cursor was all over the place, clicking on every folder. I dismantled the entire computer only to notice something in one of my USB drives: the receiver to a wireless mouse my colleague put there earlier to play a prank on me. 5ML
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  coried91  |  28

It was actually a small prank. I can see how he missed the USB for the wireless mouse since mine is extremely small but he could have checked those areas first. It didn't actually harm his computer. Now he just has to put it back togther. At least this prank didn't cost him money.

  mallu86  |  9

No. An unnecessary prank would go something like " the colleague downloads child porn to OP's laptop and then later OP gets arrested for real."

  NeatNit  |  32

I don't see why #2/20 is being downvoted so much. This sounds like a harmless prank, and I have participated in those plenty of times, on either end. I'd like to believe most people have. As long as no one gets hurt and you can laugh about it later, I'm all for it.

I can understand that some of you might downvote but not so many.

By  jdizz16  |  16

Sounds to me like you just used this as an unnecessary opportunity to get to open up your laptop. It was fun, wasn't it? Try looking around the outsides first, you'll save yourself a lot of time next time.