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Today, my boyfriend asked me if I had any kinks, so I told him all about them. He was actually mad because I didn't have the same 'sexy kinks' the girls in porn have. FML
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You can't blame **** for that. You have to blame idiots who don't realize it's fake. They are just stupid if they think that's what's real.

To each its own. I watch and enjoy ****. It's pure fantasy and many know that already. Also it can be a turn on to be able to turn on your partner. OP's name says a lot. Sounds like money is her turn on. Whatever blows your hair back....

I think you can blame **** if people are being exposed to it before they've properly developed their sexual identity. I'm not saying **** is inherently wrong or anything like that, but I don't think it's particularly healthy if your first experience of sexuality is so unrealistic.

41, I believe we need to differentiate **** a bit here. The previous commenters were trying to point out not that **** is a fantasy, which it always is, but rather that there's "good" and "bad" **** out there. Take ~90% of mainstream **** as an example. We all know that it's fantasy, so that part doesn't bother people. The problem with it, instead, is that nothing in it is even remotely realistic. Being on the receiving end of moneyshots is actually fairly disgusting, going through a dozen different positions in 3 minutes isn't realistic and not everyone would wish for nothing more than threesomes. Furthermore, only fairly few women actually like getting railed at mach-speed and not everyone likes grunting and squealing. Mainstream **** basically just tries to present people sexual aspects that are not the norm, because it's more exciting to the target demographic. "Normal" sex tends to bore people, because it's something that's achievable and, after all, "normal". PS: I also don't think OP's name is an implication of gold-diggery, as you seem to suggest, but rather explains that the only reason so many **** stars go through with this stuff is because they need to make ends meet. Think of the classical "I don't get payed enough to deal with this crap" type of situation.

This could be applied to video game violence protesting.

Who controls the age at which you first watch ****? Not the people in ****. Blame bad parenting.

remind him that **** is a performance and that he should never set his standards for sex based on ****.

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Everyone has their own kinks, so he shouldn't be mad. So try to get him off of ****, it sets unrealistic standards as well.

He doesn't need to stop watching ****, he just needs to realize it's not realistic to real sex.

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Why ****, when you have the real thing?

because your lover can not always be there when you're horny. and sometimes they're not up for it. **** isn't necessarily bad. in fact it could be a good thing to watch **** with your lover. then perhaps do stuff yourselves. it could help set the mood of things, but only if your partner is up for that. they may be uncomfy watching **** with you or you watching ****. but if you're both up for it why not?

#39, some people just like to watch it. My boyfriend watches **** a lot. And he also jerks off a lot. But we also have an extremely active sex life on top of that. Some people like to play video games on their down time, some people read books, and some people like watching ****.

Exactly! Plus, what if one person has a higher sex drive than their partner? They need a place to release without forcing or making their partner feel like they need to have sex just because their partner does. What if you have a high sex drive, your partner forbids **** and/or masturbation? Some might turn and cheat on their partners others might find other ways or even end it with their partner.

Look at it like this, at least he wants a real girl instead of a cartoon.

#5 **** girls aren't real, even if they're played by real women.

Should I upvote your comment, even though its vote count is 69? I can be such a sadist sometimes, so yes!

well now you know what hes into i guess

FYL OP and the life of anyone dating someone who thinks **** is how sex works in real life.

So... pretty much every guy that started puberty in the last couple decades?

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Well....and the fact that it's addictive...And ruins families....

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Alcohol, video games and shopping can also be addictive, that does not make them inherently bad.

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A lot of things are healthy in a moderation, but can become unhealthy when abused/used excessively like 33 said. Shopping almost bankrupted one of my friends family's even though the dad made a healthy 6 figure salary. The mother had 100s of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.