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Today, after recovering from pneumonia and a severe asthma attack caused by my dad's fiancée's cat, he chose to keep the cat. I can't go to his house without having to go to the hospital later. FML
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ZombieInConverse 13

Hes an asshole. Sorry Op. You deserve someone better

Merylwen 24

No he's not. I can't see why OP's dad should make his fiancée permanently get rid of her cat when OP can just take anti-allergy medication before he goes to their house (yes, it really works, and it's cheap). Even if OP lives there, all he has to do is take some Benadryl every day, that's what cat-owners that are allergic to cats do.


ZombieInConverse 13

Hes an asshole. Sorry Op. You deserve someone better

He's definitely the worst breed of human

Merylwen 24

No he's not. I can't see why OP's dad should make his fiancée permanently get rid of her cat when OP can just take anti-allergy medication before he goes to their house (yes, it really works, and it's cheap). Even if OP lives there, all he has to do is take some Benadryl every day, that's what cat-owners that are allergic to cats do.

exactly #20! besides, OP doesn't live with her dad, so why force his fiancé to get rid of her cat.

^ not necessarily. I am extremely allergic to cats, I even take prescription allergy medication every day all year round and I can't be around cats for more than an hour without my eyes getting red and itchy, nose runny, horrible headaches, and many times my throat and sinuses will swell up. On another note, the way the FML is worded, it seems like OP does not live with the father, so I do agree with you when you say the father has every right to keep the cat.

omgitsmoe 26
Merylwen 24

@30 : You say yourself that you are "extremely" allergic, that's probably why it works for others but not for you, which sucks. Have you tried a different molecule? Anyway I'm pretty sure OP doesn't live with his father anyway so you're right, it's irrelevant and OP should stop acting like a spoiled brat.

Savine 13

Couldn't agree more #20. Pets are family. And really, how is dramatically altering the dads life by forcing him to "get rid of" a loved family member okay? Not to mention the change or possible end to the cat's life that people are saying should be either abandoned, dumped on someone else, or dumped at a shelter to possibly be killed! Even if the allergy is severe enough that benadryl wouldn't help, expecting someone that you visit to "get rid" of a living being to suit your own interests is selfish and seriously messed up.

addioty 19

It seems like her dad is picking favorites. He is risking his daughter's well being so his fiancee can have a cat? He should put his children before pets.

Actually, it doesn't always work. I have severe asthma myself, and taking an allergy med only suppresses the allergy symptoms but it doesn't protect you from the dander triggering the asthma. I always suffer 2-3 days after being around cats for an extended amount of time. I'm sorry OP the cat was chosen over your health, I understand how tough it is because you are forced to choose your health over visiting your family.

CaitiieBuggs 23

It's not like OP's Dad's house is the only place on earth they can visit with each other. I'm in the same spot as the Fiancée- my mother in law insists I get rid of my cat so she can swing by whenever she wants. As a pet owner, it is incredibly hard to "get rid of" a fury little family member that bonds have been formed with, possibly over a span of years. It's selfish of OP to put this pressure on the Dad and his Fiancée just so they can occasionally visit.

alliewillie 22

How is the dad an asshole? "Honey, you're going to have to get rid of your beloved pet because my kid who doesn't live with us is allergic and doesn't want the cat here when he visits. Sorry." There's no way in HELL I'd get rid of my dog just because my husbands brother/mother/kid/cousin was allergic. They can meet at his house, outside, the park, whatever. All you people saying the dad's a jerk must not have pets.

#76, why should OP's dad get rid of a cat just because of someone who is probably barely at his house?

It may be possible that his fiancée made him keep the cat, in which case your father is really whipped. It's okay, just tell him how you feel and that it's either you or the cat, if he was a decent parent he would choose you.

For OP's father's fiancé to get rid of her cat might not be incredibly easy for her. Getting rid of a pet is always hard, you have a special connection with them, one that is not easily broken.

sluttyMouth 3

You could always forget to close the garage door.

Quiet_one 22

Or you could tell your spoiled brat that he/she is free to either use allergy medicine or not visit, since it's not his/her house. "I demand you change your life to accommodate me because I might like to visit occasionally." How about no? They could always meet up somewhere else if it's really that bad. My roommate's friend would complain loudly about her allergies to my cats every time she came over, but she still kept visiting- knowing they'd be here- and never tried to do anything about her problem. Eventually I got sick of it, gave her some Benadryl (which she never even asked for, even with all the complaining about how she "couldn't breathe"), and told her to bring her own next time or stay in a hotel. The whining stopped.

28, that's very true, but this is less about the father's fiancée and more about the father. By choosing to keep the cat, the father is choosing the fiancée over OP, his child. Most people agree that there is something very objectionable about a parent who puts the needs of others before the needs of their children. However, this tends to only be a huge issue when the children in question are minors, and the FML does not specify if this is the case or not.

#60, OP probably sees her father once a month for all you know. That's a great reason to get rid of a pet because someone who rarely visits is allergic. I'm allergic to my father's cat, but I haven't asked him to get rid of it because I'm not an asshole.

oj101 33

Little kittens in suits are slowly taking over the world through mass manipulation by posting adorable pictures of themselves over the Internet, whilst in reality, they are plotting.

Fur sure it'll be an utter catastrophee.

And we get yelled at for barking at them. >.< They deserved to be barked at! Those little tyrants.

vballgirly28 16

That sucks OP. Maybe when you never go to his house again he'll get the message.

myoukei 31

He probably won't care. His decision shows what matters to him :/

Tell him to shove the cat up somewhere and get out of there until he gets his priorities straight.

The is nothing wrong with his priorities. OP does live with him so they can still meet outside his outside. All he's doing is trying to make his fiancee happy.

It's funny how different our opinions are, pets are family too.

50 - I completely agree that pets are family, but it's never nice when you have to choose between family members.

olpally 32

I'm telling you, cats ruin and run this world... Your fiancée is an asshole.

It's not OP's fiancée. It's OP's dad's fiancée.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Yes, but the fiancée must know about the situation as well?

olpally 32

Ahhh **** this... :( god dammit.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Nevermind, I read everyone's comment wrong. I apologize -.-

Well hopefully you don't actually live at this place? The fiance sounds like that bitchy woman from the parent trap.

How does the fiancé sound like that. All we know of her is that she owns (and assumingly loves) a cat. That bitch! How dare she!? I wouldn't get rid of my cats either; certainly not.

monnanon 13

are you really trying to say that your pnenomia was caused by a cat allergy. bit of a jump there OP. your dad is still an ass though to keep an animal that makes you so ill.

No. They are saying they had an asthma attack caused by a cat allergy on top of pneumonia.

monnanon 13

the way it reads doesnt really make that clear.

I guess it depends on how you read it. It could be interpreted the way you read it. I just didn't read it that way myself. Not really sure if an allergy can cause pneumonia. I wouldn't think so. But, I don't have any allergies either.

monnanon 13

no it cant pneumonia is a bacterial infection which was why i called op out. it sounds like op is laying it on thick for sympathy votes to be honest.

CharresBarkrey 15

Are you serious? Allergies CAN cause pneumonia. Pneumonia can be bacterial, viral, fungal, or from aspiration. You should really refrain from making wild judgements if you aren't educated on the subject.

monnanon 13

having had three family members with pneumonia including my own son i am hardly uneducated on the subject. pneumonia is a respritory INFECTION meaning bacteria. an allergy can make it worse but it will not cause it.