By asthmasucks - 19/09/2009 07:47 - United States

Today, due to the heat, I had a deadly asthma attack. Where was my inhaler? My dad pawned it for beer money. What did my dad do about my attack? Told me to quit being a Drama Queen. I had to go across the street and beg for a ride to the ER from my neighbor. FML
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When you get home, pour all his booze down the sink, and repeat for the rest of his life.

use the empty beer bottles to ur advantage when u smash it over his head then pawn his organs for a new inhailer


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I'm assuming he meant it would have been deadly if their neighbor didn't drive him to the ER or call an ambulance. and if the neighbors didnt do that... then OP should be dead right now...

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He's posting from beyond the grave!

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i was thinking the same thing. it wasn't deadly. figure out how to use adjectives. it was severe, life threatening, something, it was not deadly. that would imply that you had died.

Deadly has more than one meaning. It still fits as meaning extremely harmful.

DEADLY not FATAL ....... its like saying ccawww that shark is deadly... it can kill you if you poke it with a stick... dosent mean ur going to die if u get near it...... jease ... people seriously...

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i hate wen fmls have all these questions in the post, like, "worst part?" or "his response?" it makes them sound like they like being a "victim" like theyre asking how their lives could suck any more

How about saying that a poisonous snake has a "deadly" snake bite. And then you get bit by it. And then you go the hospital and get some kind of anecdote. Then it still has a deadly snake bite, but you aren't dead.

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#102- so you go to the hospital to be told short stories? Oh, you mean ANTIDOTE.

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you know...there should be some sort of service for this kind of thing...a service where children can be protected from situations of abuse or neglect... OH SHI-

Deadly: likely to cause or capable of producing death. has proved that #1 fails.

Wow...after the whole conversation started by the first comment, do you really think you're being original?

Why would you tell a person to use a correct adjective when all they were doing was attempting to share a horrible experience? Way to be an insensitive prick.

This FML is odd considering that COLD air exacerbates athsma. I would know considering that I have it.

Yeah @169 or a rehab clinic. You gotta admit the Dad probably has some problems,

Uhhh... I didn't know you could pawn a prescription.

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It would have killed him if he didn't get to the ER. Go back to kindergarten, you're a ******* jackass.

102- Ron White called, he wants his joke back


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I did, because the story isn't real, or at best the OP was being a drama queen. No pawn shop would give money for a used asthma inhaler. The inhaler itself costs $1 or so new, and it's the medicine in it that's expensive. Pawn shops can't buy or sell medicine. Probably, the OP (who is ten years old) is an idiot, and he loses his inhaler. He asks his dad if he'd seen the inhaler, and the dad jokingly says, "I pawned it for beer money." The OP gets so upset that he actually HAS an asthma attack, or perhaps fakes one. He goes to a neighbor's house and asks for a ride to the emergency room. But then, the joke's on the dad, because they don't have health care, and he ends up with a $700 medical bill.


Well, it is obviously a fake story...

Who the hell says it was pawned to a pawn shop? They're not the only people who'll buy something from you.

CheshireHalli 19

Because any time you sell something, it has to be to a pawn shop, right?

#83, some people WILL pay for an inhaler off someone and they are NOT a dollar. Inhalers with medication require a prescription and cost a decent amount of money and that also depends on the type of inhaler which, guessing by the fact that the asthma attack was severe, was Advair which is expensive because it has steroids in it.

Sorry but you're wrong. Advair isn't an emergency inhaler. It wouldn't help him in an asthma attack. It's used twice a day and meant to prevent them. Advair is expensive as all get out. Mine runs about $250 USD a month if I didn't have insurance. The kind of inhaler you use to stop an asthma attack is an albuterol inhaler. They will stop an asthma attack and cost about $10 USD without insurance.

Then how come mine cost $25 with insurance?

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If it's an emergency inhaler, there's no way to know how much is left in the cartridge. For all the buyer would know, it might be empty. Either the dad was making a joke or this is a fake story. Either way, the OP is a drama queen.

Actually, I get mine free from my doctor's office. Albuterol Sulfate, with the regular inhaler piece, and a spacer, all free. And insurance has nothing to do with it, it's samples from the various drug companies.

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Quite the dad you've got there...

When you get home, pour all his booze down the sink, and repeat for the rest of his life.

agreed and when he reacts tell him to stop being a drama queen

wooooowwwww the person sure did that's why they are commenting now right ? cuz theres fml in heaven .... or hell

use the empty beer bottles to ur advantage when u smash it over his head then pawn his organs for a new inhailer