By juliasaman - United States
Today, I went to the doctors and was told I would need an inhaler. My mom came back from the pharmacy and told me the copay of $35 dollars was way too expensive, so she is making me use my cat's old inhaler. My mom values my cat's ability to breathe more then my own. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

I have a Mom who's like that to. One time I had this horrible headcold (that was contageous btw) and she still yelled at me for wanting to skip out on a week of karate practice practice, which would've been 3 lessons. She even had the nerve of laying a guilt trip on me for "wasting her money". It's $60 a month. She'd much rathor sacrifice my well being for $15. I feel ya.

  allihall127  |  0

Don't be ignorant. Until a person is 18 years old, his or her parents are responsible to pay for anything to do with their health and wellness. You don't hear about kids paying for their own doctor's appointments do you? It's not free handouts in this situation, it's called taking care of your kids.

  magicsparrow  |  0

So what if the parents are 'responsible'? Clearly the mother is not being responsible in this case.

OP: Go get a job if you want a non-cat inhaler. Additionally, I hope your mother realizes she will have to pay for refills. If not, all the more reason for you to get a job.