By Anonymous - 22/02/2013 17:14 - Sweden - Floda

Today, after nearly six weeks of seeing a nice girl, we finally decided to make it official. Two hours later, she pulled out a bridal magazine and not-so-casually asked me which wedding location I thought was the nicest. FML
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Run while you can.

I hear going to Jamaica is the "in" place to go. As in, be like Usain Bolt and run.


Run while you can.

Well that escalated quickly!

Another stage 5 clinger. Hope you can run fast.

It's when your walking down the street holding hands and she starts humming the wedding march, that's when you worry.

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Yes OP Run and run FAST

a lot of girls dream about their wedding. it doesnt mean shes obsessed with you. give it a little time to make sure shes not crazy before you dump her.

Maybe she just wanted an opinion..

Don't be silly. That's ridiculous! She obviously wanted to get married as soon as possible!

She might be joking but take caution

It was not a very funny joke. More like the perfect way to lose a guy.

I hear going to Jamaica is the "in" place to go. As in, be like Usain Bolt and run.

So just what exactly are Usain they should do?

That OP should Bolt, of course.

You guys never seem to -run- out of puns, do ya?

24: It's a punny world out there.

Why'd Jamaica the combo stop 33? :(

C-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!

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Get out while you still can lol

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We salute another fallen comrade, they go so young...

Wizardo 33

Also, a wise man once said "make like a tree... and get outta here!"

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Boondock Saints. Best movie ever. But I believe the actual line is "Why don't you make like a tree... And get the FOOK out of here!"

Wizardo 33

Lol I was actually referring to Biff from Back to the future but boondock saints works too :)

Calmly looking into her eyes and say I don't believe in marriage until everyone is aloud to's working out pretty good for Brad Pitt

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Angelina is the one that won't marry until everyone is allowed to. But it's working out for her!

She offically disagrees with your definition of "official."

Tell her you are not ready to make it THAT official.

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I'll distract her! RUN BRO!