By Wilf - Australia - Perth

Rain stops play

Today, the arts company I work for cancelled our 8 pm sold-out outdoor performance at 7:30 due to rain, and will have to reticket 550 patrons. I'm the only person in the office trained in ticketing. It stopped raining 10 minutes after we cancelled it. FML
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  Tdrizzzzzly  |  19

52, I don't know whether to dislike your comment or not. If I do, 3's confidence may go down; however if I don't, I'm somewhat supporting your attempt to get a girl over FML.

  kut17  |  11

Bad idea, guys. If you push the concert somewhere else, a giant worm could possibly fall on top of it. That lesson can only be learned the hard way.

By  Keevarou  |  17

Hey, it's good to get experience in stuff :3
And in the future it will probably be easier since you know how to do it better, so it's a win-win situation, and it is your job after all.
And that is a excellent way to show off that you may be worth a raise in the future

  gc327072  |  29

(world is going to end)

Keev: well we still have a little while, so let's take this time to rejoice in the fact that we get to have this human existence, and the beauty of life and its experiences. And who knows what lies beyond?

You would be a god-tier motivational speaker/hotline.

By  MrClean17  |  15

I've worked guest services at an amusement park, and the same thing happened every time it lightly sprinkled. I hope the guests were understanding and didn't give you too many problems OP