By fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuc - 02/04/2014 21:22 - Denmark - Herning

Today, the girl I've been dating for two weeks brought up the topic of marriage, then started asking me when we're moving in together. FML
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You mean it's been two weeks and you haven't proposed yet?


#1 beat me to it. Time to be blunt with her or time to get out of there.

kryxen 14

Yeah that's not a FML that's a RUN!

#22 or "Run away...!" - every action or horror movie made.

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I think the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch would be a better choice, #22.

Oh my cotton candy... Get out while you can.

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martin8337 35

Oops, looks like #17 beat me to my comment. I gave #17 a thumbs up.

That's a bit of a loaded question... Anyway you answer it could end badly. I say you'd better do what the others said and run. Run! Run home Charlie! And don't stop until you get there, unless it is at the gun store! May want to lock the doors behind you, too!

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She probably doesn't like you and Maybe she's to coward to dump you ?

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Never good to stay with a rushing probably clingy person

#3 I posted the same time as #1 my bad

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Not 100% sure why #52 got downvoted, but eh, I'm new >.>

114, Because people on FML apologize for double commenting and similar things all the time, it's nothing special.

Welcome to troll city, dude... There are legitimate and funny people, then there are those who purposely down rate things like they had something better to say, even though they have said nothing.

So when is she moving in? Why are you avoiding it, you have the time to post an FML why not spend some quality time, I mean give up your independence

It's terrible how men these days try to avoid commitment! If you didn't want to marry her and be the father of her 5 children, why did you ask for her number in the first place?!

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#18, Um to date her?!?? Not every guy wants a long-lasting relationship. I'm a girl yet I find it quite understandable. Op, RUN

I'm pretty sure 18 was being sarcastic, and if you were, well just know that you suck at it.

Your duck has a rooster on it's head.

18. No. Shutup. Men aren't scared of commitment. Girls will find a man who is everything she's ever looked for in a guy, and say he's like everyone else. When they know this guy is different. They know this guy can give them anything they've ever dreamed of. But they're scared to commit. When a guy truly wants something, he's gonna go get it. Men aren't scared of commitment. We'll do anything for the right person.

the amount of stupidity from you people that are ranting. they're joking, it's sarcasm, get a clue god damn. apparently some people's brains don't work as fast as others OP I'd advise you to break things off before she signs a contract for your soul

Joking and sarcasm on FML? Why, I never heard of such nonsense!

#20.... That sarcasm was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Stop using an ACME sarcasm detector, buy a good brand. At the ranters. Thanks for the laughs.

ACME Sarcasm detector, the only sarcasm detector you will ever need. It detects sarcasm, it detects irony, it detects puns, it even detects those terrible "that's a shitty situation" comments and automatically thumbs them down. It's the ACME Sarcasm Detector, buy one today. Guaranteed to give false positive readings, inaccurate readings and completely fail 90% of the time. ACME is not liable for misuse or comments made based on the ACME Sarcasm Detector measurements. Please use responsibly. (I realize this has nothing to do with the FML, but I couldn't resist)

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All the buried comments, so many, its like a graveyard.

Run, run fast and don't look back

Don't make any sudden movements and back away slowly. You don't want to startle her, you never know what that would cause her to do.

Rape D: ....I've lost many friends to this species

Don't joke about rape, dude. It's never funny. Ever.

Love them from afar and when it's not happening to you, otherwise as someone above said, back away slowly to a safe distance and then run, run fast, don't look back.

This girl seems wayyyy too clingy, avoid her and run!

Dude sure he's not dating Taylor Swift?