By youngboob - United States - Topeka
Today, after my dad trying every bait, hormone, and poison, the cockroaches in this apartment have gone crazy. They are trying to kill themselves. One tried to commit suicide, by suffocation, in my mouth this morning. FML
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The average person swallows 10 spiders a year, of course they're baby spiders or just really small. Spiders like warm damp places, spiders make sense, roaches with their feelers and hairy legs, the way the move, the wings. . . I shutter to think of it, I feel so sorry for OP

  dragonkisses28  |  25

#57...I was doing absolutely fine without that little bit of spider trivia. #58...Yes, some roaches have wings. Here in Texas they have no fear. If you hit it and don't kill it, it's going to fly right at your face. OP...that is nasty. FYL indeed.

  Gaernem  |  17

Yeah we have winged ones in Florida too. It's the same deal, my buddy tried to hit and kill it, it didn't die.. Then flew directly at his head.

By  Garrett2818  |  21

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  tantanpanda  |  26

uh, people caught on, but it was so stupid, people couldn't help but downvote. Like the other person said, ebola is in a completely different category. Trying to make a joke by bridging ebola with a cockroach really doesn't work. Joke or not, it sucked.

  Meettitan  |  14

Hit them with a can of duster turned upside down. The C02 is at subzero temperatures, and will make the roach's cells expand and rupture; killing them instantly. Also, no risk of a house fire.