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  thesoccerone7  |  3

Let's take a look at her sentence for a second, the "as usual" came directly after "while I was brushing my tongue, I gagged" thus meaning the gagging while cleaning her tongue was usual. Now if the statement had said "and as usual, I threw up a little" that would indicate throwing up was usual. So before you begin to bash others for learning to read, make sure you learn the English language first.

  SirEBC  |  7

/me sighs

I told myself I wouldn't do this; however, it has been too long, and though I do not have my counterparts here to help fight for this lost cause, I will battle valiantly until either the stupid overtakes me, or some kind deity comes and deletes the comments.

Fire away. Please point out my alleged numerous errors. And Drwhateveritis, feel free to join.

/me wields sword and shield

Edit: It looks like 95 has some sense, unlike the majority here.


It's been proven that people swollow insects all the time without knowing it, up to 10 a day. Considering OP just woke up, the cockroach more than likely crawled in his/her mouth while he/she was asleep. It's not unusual.

  IndiRae  |  9

109- whether or not it's a common thing doesn't make it any less fucking discusting. If I puked up a cockroach, and someone looked at me and said that it was a pretty normal thing and that there was likely nine more in my stomach, it wouldn't make things ok.
And I've gagged while brushing my teeth before, but never thrown up, I think OP needs to take their extreme brushing down a couple notches.


Actually the swallowing a bug thing is a myth. A college professor started it to see how many people he could convince. It was an experiment to see how many people never check the sources of information and simply believe what they hear.

  kandiman  |  5

Or maybe what you are saying is a myth. Unless you spoke to the professor yourself how do you even know the truth? A wise person once said Google can give you 30,000 answers to one question. A librarian can give you the right one.

  Beanzii  |  0

It's not that you eat the bugs in your sleep, you eat them in your food. That can of soup you opened yeah those carrots had spiders on them at one point and maybe the spiders little leg came off and stuck onto it. Aka spider leg in soup. It happens alot with chocolate, just think about how things are made, who is looking for daddy long legs?
The cockroach is gross though, that would have had to be in whatever they ate before they went to bed. Maybe it dropped in their late night cereal and OP thought it was just a coco puff.

  bamagrl410  |  31

I believe 220 is correct. My roommate recently studied that in her health class. Bugs don't actually crawl in your mouth as you sleep. Well... unless you're the OP... but they do end up processed in your food. She then told me that spiders are most commonly processed in peanut butter. Mmm protein.

  WutzButz  |  3

Actually i often gag while brushing my teeth, once or twice i even threw up stomach fluid. I really am that sensible to things in my mouth. Guess no deepthroating for my guy.

By  littlesoul  |  3

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  luvppl  |  6

Actually, while "grammar" doesn't need to be capitalized, it needs to be in quotation marks to signify that it is not being used for its definition. Sorry, I'm not a grammar nazi, but I had to join in on this thread. I'm sure it's better than me saying, "C-C-COMBO BREAKER!" :P

  xNephilim  |  18

Am I the only one who noticed it should say "what does it taste like?" or "how does it taste?" and not "how does it taste like?"?

  DoubleDose  |  0

That happened to me once, except I threw up a family of spiders. Let's just say my arachnophobia had a field day. (they were live spiders and a few tried webbing back into my mouth

  Daralea  |  21

274, I think the gag is usual, but I certainly hope not throwing up...Else OP will be caught in a state of perpetually brushing his/her teeth.

  zolziski  |  11

Pandamimo, I come from a country called South Africa. We were also colonized by the British and lived under their rule for quite some time. We have no less than 11 official languages, English being one of them. I can assure you that the majority of people in South Africa cannot speak English, let alone read or write it. So, actually, your point is invalid.