By Stevski - 11/09/2012 15:08 - Australia - Port Macquarie

Today, after moving in with a couple of vegan zoologists a few weeks ago, I discover that they don't believe that we have the right to kill cockroaches, and will not allow me to do so. The house is infested, and it's spread to my bedroom. FML
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Kill them anyway?

I don't care if they don't want cockroaches to die; I would go nuclear on those nasty creatures.


Kill them anyway?

Ah, I remember moderating this. One of my faves. OP, go get a big ass can of raid.

in addition to 16, and a lighter and torch every last roach like a boss

No. OP should just start looking for a new place. This is what we call a lose-lose situation. If the cockroaches are killed, the roomies will be pissed. If they aren't, OP will be laying awake at night in fear. Either way though, without an exterminator, it is impossible to get rid of them all. They multiply quickly and if you stay there too long they will just get into your things and go to your new place when you finally do move. My friend moved out of a shitty trailer to a nice house and sprayed down all the furniture with raid before moving but their new house is still infested.

Burn that crap down.

48 I doubt OP wants to go to prison for arson.

Is it still arson if its your own house? Im just wondering.

dsbs 9

This reminds me if that alien cockroach guy from men in black

Screw their opinions. Kill em with fire

51 Yes, Arson is the crime of intentionally or maliciously lighting structures, wildland areas, cars or other property on fire. It may be distinguished from other causes such as spontaneous combustion and natural wildfires. Arson often involves fires deliberately set to the property of another or to one's own property as to collect insurance compensation.

Disregard other people and only focus on your opinions and beliefs. That is the human way.

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With respecting others

What ever happened to getting to know someone before you moved in with them? I want to say YDI because you put yourself in a situation that clashes with your own beliefs and world views. But there are still ways that people who have different worldviews can get along. You just have to put the time and effort into getting to know them so all parties' needs can be met.

And trust me, I agree with you on needing to get them out. They carry serious bacteria and can make you very sick. Perhaps explaining this to them can help them understand. There may be some ways where they don't have to be killed to manage an infestation ; perhaps there's some natural more "humane way" you can exterminate them. At the end of the day you're going to have to stick up for yourself with this because even though you're the new guy, you deserve to be treated and living in a healthy environment - especially if you're paying for it!!

Sounds like you have a couple of gems there. It's not enough for them to have their own beliefs, they have to push those beliefs on others. Some people do not want insects feasting on their body and spreading disease and that should be okay.

"Kill them anyway?" Wait, the roommates or the cockroaches?

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Why is it that humans are the only animals that feel bad for killing another animal?

They're vegans it's synonymous with idiot.

Consider this: by allowing them to live, you are encumbering the process of natural selection by increasing the number of cockroaches that will attempt to live in human households. Here is my advice: let your evolutionary boot force in a new breed of human fearing bugs!

You should put **** roaches in their snack pack

This is why veganism is evil.

TheDrifter 23

How much more evidence do we need before veganism can be declared grounds for a 30 day lockdown with intensive mental health and cognitive reasoning exams?

veganism is the new communism

stephhrunsaway 21

As a vegan myself, not all of us are bat shit crazy. I HATE cockroaches, and I wouldn't let them fester; I would simply hire an exterminator.

"This is why veganism is evil." Oh, and mercilessly slaughtering millions of beings for no reason isn't? Please tell me. I mean come on, some vegans just have to think and understand there is something called survival instinct too. Okay, I'm vegan but hell, if I was hiking and saw a bear about to attack one of my friends, shit I'm not letting that thing just go at it. Same thing with those cockroaches. That's just simple.

Make it work in your favor. Promise to compost the bodies.

145 is spot on. Roaches could be attacking you with pestilence.

TheDrifter 23

If you search through vegan related fmls you'll see that the wacko "humans have no right to live on this planet" sort of Vegans have been providing us with hilarity and reinforcing stereotypes for years. It's good to be reminded that veganism and darwinism can coexist.

Veganism isn't evil. It's just stupid. Anyone who lets vegans dictate their actions is an idiot. Stomp the shit out of the them. And also the cockroaches.

I think that's the zoologist part, not the vegan part.

I don't care if they don't want cockroaches to die; I would go nuclear on those nasty creatures.

but the roaches would survive the nuclear attack...

He was talking about his roommates.

Look, just kill the roaches before then turn into radroaches.

They have ruled new York for as long as I can remember. Something must be done!

The only reason roaches would be more likely to survive a nuclear blast is because they'll bury themselves underground. Place one in front of a radiation emission device, and they'll die just as quickly as the rest of us.

iseyixes 18

Act like you didn't understand and bomb those roaches anyway.

Or Op could just call health services and give them a heads up about this place.... Hope they have same rules as canada and they do something by them-self right away !!

Dblocker 18

I like the bombing idea better, just make sure you don't use nukes OP.

LiterOfCola 16

The cockroaches would survive being bombed

138- they would survive radiation but not the actual explosion.

LiterOfCola 16

That's what I meant... The actual explosion would destroy the entire property if they tried to explode it on them lol

You do realize that there is a such thing as a roach bomb. Not an actual bomb. It doesn't explode. It just releases poison into the air to kill the bugs.

LiterOfCola 16

I didn't realize. Thanks for the information, but it didn't require you to be condescending

Time to move!! Yuk.

Next time, make sure you know who and what you're moving into..

7 - Somehow I don't think anyone would consider asking about that when looking for a place. "So what's your stance on disease-ridden vermin infestations? Do you prefer killing them or worshipping them?"

No, but OP probably should have checked the place out. If it's as bad as OP says, it would have been obvious that there was an infestation and that they weren't doing anything about it.

Point well taken. That being said, if they had to move from a distance, that might not have been an option.

30 - A valid point but most people have the option of seeing the house and roommates (if they're home) before they move in.

37 beat me to it.

This is the most civil argument I've ever seen on FML. I salute you all.

I can understand that she might have moved far and not had a chance to see anything, but I would have thought that the OP would try to find out something about who she was moving in with just to try and figure out if she could live with them... So I would have thought the fact that one (or both) the roommates were vegan would have come up when she did that, and as vegans are very against animal cruelty it is not exactly unexpected that they wouldn't want the OP to kill any bugs.

BunchieRules 31

58 - I can understand not killing any random bug you see outside. But a line has to be drawn here. These particular bugs are infesting OP's new room and invading his/her personal space. OP's roommates should have boundaries, regardless of where they work and what they eat.

I'm not saying the roommates are right (or even that they are wrong), what I was saying is that their response isn't surprising. Vegans are strict, they do not use or eat animal products often because they are against killing any kind of animals. I'm not sure if all vegans would be against killing off a cockroach infestation due to the health hazards, but it doesn't surprise me that some are, and I can kind of understand the vegan's situation here. However I suppose this is all academic now, as what's done is done. So the OP has to either try reasoning with them, go behind their backs about killing the cockroaches (and possibly being kicked out because of it), or just moving out as soon as they can.

58 - If the roomies were up-front about their don't -kill-the-roaches view, they likely lost prospective roomies already. Guessing they had to dupe someone to move in to cover the rent.

BunchieRules 31

102 - Thanks, that clears it up. I'm not against vegetarianism/veganism, but the fact that they're zoologists probably also has something to do with refusing to kill the bugs. I'd assume they're more attached to nature and animals than just vegans.

claysculpture 9

have they tried electronic repellants or any other kind of repellant?

PYLrulz 17

You got two options. Just up and leave, or find a way to kill them off (which will piss off the hippie douchebags, and probably get yourself kicked out). More or less, time to look at somewhere else to live

Kill the roaches and blame the one you like the least. >=D

That makes no sense.

Yeah turn them on each other. Take them down from the inside.

BunchieRules 31

10 - Okay, but I wonder who the other roommate will believe... the fellow vegan zoologist who wouldn't hurt a fly, or OP, the insect mass-murderer who they just met? :P

I will admit I didn't think the comment through. I'm sorry Angry Mob..

BunchieRules 31

132 - Admitting is the first step. I shall spare you just this once...

cheshireau 26

Kill them all and dump them on their bed.

Exactly what I was going to say!