By Anonymous - 17/06/2015 12:14

Today, my pregnant girlfriend and I moved into our first home together, signing a 1-year lease. Less than 12 hours later, we've discovered that the place is infested with cockroaches and we have a mouse. The landlord won't let us out of the contract. FML
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You didn't inspect the home before leasing it???

AnOriginalName 19

It's his legal responsibility as a landlord to provide you with a livable situation. Mice and cockroaches ain't a livable situation. Have him bring in an exterminator.


You didn't inspect the home before leasing it???

katachristic 19

The salesmen for these places are often assholes. They generally will show you a much nicer "model" unit, and you'll be told that this one is the same as the one you'll get once it's available. Come move in day, if you ask to see the unit, they'll dodge the question with "I can't give you the key until you sign the lease and pay the first months rent." You need to specifically say "Why don't you bring me to the unit?"

No he's not, OP signed a contract. Now if the landlord refused to get pest control services, then he'd be a douche.

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The OP can contact local tenant rights agencies to help with escrowing rent legally. That way the landlord isn't getting any money, but you're still paying rent. They have to resolve the issues.

I agree. Just because you signed a rental agreement doesn't make it your fault. I'll assume the landlord left the details about vermin infestation out. That makes him a douche

Always get things inspected before you buy or sign a contract. Whether it be a car, apartment, or a house. Sorry OP

Is it in the lease that it was clean? If so... Sue him.

Is the mouse yours or are you saying there are mice in the house too?

Um... Because it's a DUMB question. Read the FML over and over again until you figure it out.

Just thinking logically, why would op complain about their pet mouse? Wouldn't make much sense.

I'm sorry I didn't really think that hard about it because who says "we have a mouse" instead of and we have mice? It just didn't click in my head.

Sorry but YDI. I don't see how that could've been missed.

it could easily be missed by just checking the place over once or twice. the noise and light would have scared them off.

Because the mice probably weren't there to greet them for the inspection, they usually lay low when they hear people about

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Make your asshole landlord pay for an exterminator. It's his job to take care of it. Or buy raid and a mouse trap.

Simple solution - burn the house down and start over. Or you could just do what normal people do and call an exterminator. That may be a slightly less expensive (though equally effective) solution.

It's a rare sight. A wild DocBastard appeared.

Just ask to have the place treated by a pest control service. Most landlords do.